Saturn in our lives

Saturn is the symbol of obstruction, restriction, and limitations in Western Astrology. At the time of my birth, it resided within the fourth zodiacal sign Cancer*. Being the fourth, it directly corresponds to the fourth part in the twelve-fold daily cycle, Spleen Function Energy.

Now, my very first JSJ flow that I used was Spleen. Back then, I hadn’t made the connection to Cancer and Saturn yet. It was the first of three daily sequences suggested in the book The Touch of Healing (p.135) by Alice Burmeister. It worked so well that I stayed with it for years before I moved on to other flows. It frequently saved me from acute digestive discomforts even when normally Stomach might have appeared more pertinent.

I wondered for a long time why the Spleen flow worked so well for me. I didn’t connect it with the Saturn-in-Cancer position until I met other people responding well to their Saturn flows. One person with Saturn in Libra (7th sign) received fast relief whenever they received Bladder (7th organ flow) – eyes tearing, bladder discomforts. I know – you can argue that that is what Bladder does anyway. But I’ve used Bladder flow on many occasions and yet, this person alone found relief faster than anybody else in similar circumstances.

Then, there was the person with Saturn (obstruction) in Virgo (6 – Small Intestine). I recommended that they use the Small Intestine frequently on themselves. To that, they told me that, in the past, they had undergone surgery to remove an actual obstruction in their small intestine!

A third person, with Saturn in Gemini (3 – Stomach), didn’t tolerate any touch in the vicinity of their SEL 21, the anchor step for the Stomach flow. Not coincidentally, SEL 21 resonates with Saturn and helps us free ourselves from the mental chains that we carry.

How to find Saturn

There are many places on the Internet that will give you the position of Saturn at the time of your birth. Just search for “free astrological chart”. You will need to give them the date, time, and place of your birth but nothing else. (Don’t fall for tricks requiring you to subscribe, give them your email address, or name!) Here is one acceptable place that will find Saturn for you without asking you to disclose unnecessary private information.

Mark the sign where Saturn is and its number in the 12-fold order.

Here is the correspondence between the signs and the 12-fold Function Energy: (1) Aries/Lung; (2) Taurus/Large Intestine; (3) Gemini/Stomach; (4) Cancer/Spleen; (5) Leo/Heart; (6) Virgo/Small Intestine; (7) Libra/Bladder; (8) Scorpio/Kidney; (9) Sagittarius/Diaphragm; (10) Capricorn/Umbilicus; (11) Aquarius/Gall Bladder; (12) Pisces/Liver Function Energy.

Give yourself the harmonizing flow for the corresponding energy. You can get the anchor step for each of the 12 flows in this quick reference.

How do you feel? Is this your one flow? 🙂

*Here and throughout the article, I refer to the Tropical Zodiac of Western Astrology and not to the Sidereal Zodiac of the Vedic Tradition.

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  1. Sandra

    hello, ..what an interesting point of view.
    I just looked it up for my natal chart and it appears to be Taurus in Saturn the large intestine would be MY FLOW.

    Do I understand correctly that THIS particular flow is the one to do for all kind of sragnation, disharmony ..even if it is not directly related to Large intestine/taurus ???

    Thank you
    love, Sandra

    1. travelersguidetohealing

      Hi Sandra,

      I can speak only from my personal experience – and yes, that is how it has played in my JSJ experience. At the same time, I wouldn’t call it “the one flow” – as there are other flows that might work better for specific situations. From astrological point of view, the Moon-in-sign flow will help soothe our emotions, while the Pluto-in-sign flow will help us find the courage to face unpleasant truths or face deep fears and grow in the process.

      In the symbolic map of our existence, Saturn does represent obstructions and restrictions, and if in Taurus, Large Intestine Function is probably always going to help you, especially in situations when you feel insecurities and restrictions. Taurus itself is a sign correlated to security and values and resources, so in your case, there is a double emphasis on the security and restrictions. Anything from feeling that you do not have enough resources, to feeling restricted and insecure even when you do have the resources. Also, we must remember that LI Function Energy begins at the index finger and flows down to the physical large intestine and up to the jaws. Any disharmonies can appear anywhere along the pathway not necessarily in the physical organ.

      On our evolutionary path, there is usually a good reason for Saturn to be where it is – after all we are all born in the time most advantageous to fulfill our life purpose. At the same time, JSJ can give us the little space to step outside our heads and see the limitations for what they are – safety boundaries leading to spiritual growth.

      1. sandra

        wow, thank you for this detailed exploration.
        As a matter of fact I was just meditating before reading your comment and suddenly I noticed that I needed to clear some “dark” spaces in my heart, the innerchild that felt ( and feels?) unsafe, insecure….. and the word SAFETY felt like a BIG theme.
        So reading what you wrote in your comment does make great sense to me !!
        and yes, There are issues with my gum, and one way or the other the bone iniating my indexfinger is swolen and often red (for many years already) ..and …. the large intestine flow was certainly not my favourite one , because of the uncomfortable anchorstep-hold in selfhelp

        juicy detail :
        my birthday is nov. 21st
        so 11 -21 … mmmm… those are the SEL in the 4th step of the LI flow

        enough “food for thought” ….

        Thanks a lot !!!

  2. Larry Scudder

    I feel that all flows are my one flow. One is just as powerful as another. Listen to your heart to find the one flow for that moment. Thank you for this email! We are all One!

  3. Larry Scudder

    Hello my friend! I wish you peace, good health and happiness to you and your family!

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