The Circulatory Rounds of the Supervisor Energy 

As the Supervisor continues its circulatory pattern, each time it reaches the groin area (SEL 15) it goes deeper into the next depth.  Each depth has its own function and project, as well as a particular attitude that prevents the Mediator from its harmonizing function.  Below is a summary of each of the five depths primary intention,  attitude, function, fear, gift, and project.  Each depth has a primary intention, a project to build, and a function to fulfill.  The attitudes prevent the Mediator from harmonizing that depth and disrupts its function.

Five Manifested Depths

First Depth

“Get Set For Manifestation” M. Burmeister

The major factor for disharmony is the group of emotions that includes worry, restlessness, being preoccupied with this, or that.

Holding of the Thumb harmonizes First Depth

Second Depth

“Bring About the Harmonious Expression of Spirit, Mind, and Body” M. Burmeister

The major factor for disharmony is the group of emotions that includes sadness, grief, dejection, depression, etc. It’s associated with breathing and rhythmic processes.

Holding of the Ring Finger harmonizes Second Depth and prevents the emotions from manifesting as illnesses in the body.

Third Depth

“Bring About the Principle of Activity” M. Burmeister

The major factor for disharmony is the group of emotions that includes anger, resentment, jealousy, irritation, frustration.

Holding of the Middle Finger harmonizes Third Depth and prevents the emotions from manifesting as illnesses in the body.

Fourth Depth

“Be the Bridge Between the Material and Energetic Body” M. Burmeister

The major factor for disharmony is the group of emotions that includes fear and fearfulness, anxiety, cowardly and reckless behavior.

Holding the Index Finger harmonizes Fourth Depth and prevents the emotions from manifesting as illnesses in the body.

Fifth Depth

“Arise Into My Spiritual Inheritance” M. Burmeister

The major factor for disharmony is the group of emotions and mental habits of judgment, (self) criticism, perfectionism.

Holding the Little Finger harmonizes Fifth Depth and prevents the emotions and behaviors from manifesting as illnesses in the body.

The Safety Energy Locks At a Glance

Throughout the depths, along the Supervisor pathway lie 26 pairs of round energetic beings called Safety Energy Locks (SEL) the size of a human palm. They serve as safety valves that prevent energetic disharmony from spreading throughout the body. When the energy flows harmoniously all SELs are open. A closed SEL indicates disharmony somewhere along the energetic pathways that go through it. When touched, the area of a closed SEL feels tense and uncomfortable, sometimes even painful.  When the SEL is open, one can feel light clear harmonious pulsation.

All harmonizing  sequences include placing hands along the spine or front center, holding fingers or toes, and opening selected Safety Energy Locks. Each Safety Energy Locks resonates with particular functions.  Below is a summary of the 26 SELs, their names and functions.

NumberPractical NameFunction
1General Practitioner
Prime Mover
Abdominal Distress
Connects Heights and Depths
Head discomforts
Birthplace of Supervisors
2Chiropractor, Adjustment Specialist
Seeing through the Creator's Eyes
Life Force for All Creatures
Leg discomforts
General well-being
Back distress
3The Door
The Harmonizer
Respiratory Specialist
Body's antibiotic center
Birthplace of Mediators
Lymphatic immune system
4The Window
The Weaving Princess
The General Manager
Head Discomforts
Eye tensions
Bridge between spiritual
and physical
5Mind Specialist
The Psychologist
Undeviating Justice
Release of fear
Clears shoulders and chest
Spirit in matter
6Mind Specialist
Total Balancer
Governor of Respiratory
Governs lungs, shoulders, arms, and hands
Brings understanding
Perfect Life Power
Mind Specialist
Completion of the cycle
Head discomfort
Chest congestion
Nausea and dizziness
8The Magician
The Cosmic Oneness
Mind Specialist
Release of Pelvic Stress
Discomforts of assimilation
and elimination
Rectal conditions
Reproductive organs
Brings peace and security
9End of One Cycle is
the Beginning of Next
Chest congestion
10Warehouse of Abundance
Outpouring of limitless life power
Heart conditions
Chest congestion
Perfect balance between masculine and feminine
Knees, Voice
Unloading Excess Baggage
The Janitor
Neck and shoulder tension
Hip and leg stress
Mental emotional stress
The "Hub": harmonizes all SELs
12"Thy Will Be Done"
The Overseer
Neck Tension
Mental/Emotional stress
Criminal behavior
13Love All
Fertility Specialist
Hub of present day
Reproductive Functions
Mental/Emotional Balance
14Symbol of man
Beginning of man
Nourish and sustain
Governs Hips and Thighs
Harmonizes wast up-down
15"Wash Our Hearts With Laughter"
The Comedian
Heart function
Hip, knee, and foot stress
Key to Ascending flows
Leg sprains, fractures, etc.
16Basis of all human activities
The basic foundation
Muscle tone
Reproductive function
Clears thinking
Helps speech
17Natural Intelligence
Nervous System
Governs ankles
Reproductive function
Creative thinking
Heart/Breast/Back tension
18Natural Physical Intelligence
The Psychiatrist
Governs feet
Body consciousness
Controls back of head
Sleep disorders
Clears abdomen
19Perfect Balance
Authority and Leadership
Back and chest congestion
Arm and head tension
Breast and lung congestion
20Everlasting Eternity
Brain Specialist
Culmination of all mental activity
Clears head, eyes, and ears
Bridges personal with
universal consciousness
21Escape from Mental Bondage
Profound security
physical/mental specialist
Release mental complexes
Recharge digestion
Physical/mental weight projects
22"Happy and content wherever you are"
Central Station
The Mediator
Developer of reason
Completion of all functions
Thyroid, parathyroid functions
stroke prevention
Site of thought and verbal healing
23Destiny of Life
The Energy Tank
The Monitor of all circulation
Adrenal Function
All circulation functions
Connects Heaven and Earth
Digestive functions
Elimination of fear
24The Peacemaker
Harmonizer of Chaos
Brings Understanding
Helps dissipate jealousy, revenge, stubborness
25"Be Still And Know"
Quiet regeneration
The Lead General
Energize the mind
Alertness and calmness
26The Director
"All That Was, Is, and Will Be"
Vital Life Force for total being
Complete harmony