4th Depth

“Be the Bridge Between the Material and Energetic Bodies”

Mary Burmeister

Fourth Depth came into being to “be the bridge between the material and energetic bodies.” Its two aspects are Bladder and Kidney Function Energy. The attitude that prevents the Mediator flow from harmonizing Fourth Depth is fear. In her textbooks, Mary Burmeister defines fear as “False Evidence Appearing Real” [T2, p. 25]. Fear causes us to believe in lack and limitations and leads to “hoarding” behavior [ibid.]. Dis-harmonized Fourth Depth will manifest in disruption of its function of building and maintaining the muscles. Its principal projects are the ears, so ear projects always benefit from harmonizing of Fourth Depth.

To harmonize Fourth Depth

  • Hold the Index Finger
  • Hold the Thumb, Index, and Little Finger on the same hand consecutively
  • Reversing and Increasing of Fourth Depth
  • Hold SEL 23, the only 4-Depth Safety Energy Lock
  • Quickie: Hold both SELs 8. Holding both SEL 8 is Special Body Function (4) [T2, p. 53] and helps Fourth Depth.

Safety Energy Locks Within 4th Depth

There is only one Safety Energy Lock within Fourth Depth and that is SEL 23.

Safety Energy Lock #23

Controller of human destiny.  Proper circulation. The Monitor of all circulation.


Safety Energy Lock 23 is located at the small of the back, close by the kidney and the adrenal region.

Meaning and Function

As the only SEL within the 4th Depth, it helps the harmonization simultaneously Bladder and Kidney Function Energy, the two aspects of Fourth Depth. It also helps any 4D projects: blood circulation, brain functions, agility, and frustrations [SH 2, p. 57].

To Open

  • Place hands on both SELs 23 [SH 2, p. 57]
  • Hold little finger – first of right hand and then the left. [SH 2, p. 58]
  • Place Right Hand on right SEL 15 and Left Hand on right SEL 3 and vice versa. [SH 2, p. 58}
  • SEL 23-25 Harmonizing Sequence [T1, p. 34]
Safety Energy Locks on the back

Further Commentary

Numerically, SEL 23 resonates with the number of Man, 5, and helps us be who we were meant to be. SEL 23 is at the level of Waist Line on the back (inhaling aspect). It resonates with the function of Fourth Depth and serves as a bridge between Above and Below (Waist Line).

SEL 23 cleans up the body from chemicals and thus can help recover from the physical aspects of addictions of all sorts. In cases of addictions, it is good to combine SEL 23 (clear up the chemicals) with SEL 13 (clear up the emotional aspect of the addiction) so that one does not relapse.

SEL 23 helps with the chemistry of the body. As such, it can help clear up toxins and other substances lingering in our bodies due to our lifestyle or medicine we take. Personally, it helped me clear up caffeine jitters within several minutes of holding it.

SEL 23 regulates any circulation into proper balance. It has to do with fear and can help us face our fears and “take control of our destiny.”