Anterior-Posterior Vertical Harmonizing Energy


The Anterior-Posterior Vertical Harmonizing Energy (APV) descends from just above upper lip through front ribs and abdomen and it harmonizes stagnant energy of chest and abdomen. It ascends from forehead into the center of the head and descends down the back to harmonize stagnant energy of back and hip areas.

APV works on the causal level, moves down both the front and back, and is the closest to the 7-Depth Light of all flows. It is our “Eternal Life Energy” [T2, p. 41].

“Focus on where the spine is not! Clear up space and invite things to come” Mary Burmeister

APV is good for any spine projects. It boosts low levels of energy and can be added to or incorporated into the MCV harmonizing sequence. It also harmonizes “variations of sixteen body function” [T2, p.41]

Harmonizing Sequence

Short Sequence

Sit at top of the head. Cradle both 4s with the R.H. while extending your L.H. as far down the spine as it can reach.  Move L.H. up the spine in small increments (along the vertebrae) until it reaches the shoulders. Then, hold both SEL 11, then SEL 12, and finish by holding both SEL 4.

Long Sequence

Sit at top of the head and place R.H. at the 11s.  Place L.H. along the left side of the spine as far down as possible. Move L.H. up along the spine in small increments  until it reaches the 11s.  Place R.H. along the right side of the spine as far down as possible. Move R.H. up along the spine in small increments until it reaches the 11s again.  Hold the 11s with both R.H and L. H. to clear up the hip line.  Hold the 12s with both hands to clear up the waist, and then hold the 4s to clear up the bust line.

Self Help Sequence

Place R.H. on top of the head and L.H.  between the eyebrows (20s). Then move the  L.H. to the place between the nose and upper lip.


Sit on the left. Cradle the 4s with the R.H (open the window) and place L.H along the spine above the disharmony area. Then, place L.H. along the spine below the disharmony (to clear up  below). Finish with L.H at the location of disharmony on the spine.

The quickie sequence is very efficient in clearing up disharmonies along the spine and can be used for very specific spine projects.

For a heavy person

For a heavy person, sit on the left, place R.H. at the 4s and L.H. along the spine following the sequences above.

Directionality. The L.H. thumb points down the spine and is in the same direction as the flow in the L.H. palm  in the original sequence. The R.H. thumb points upward toward the top of the head and points in the same direction as the flow of the R.H. palm in the original sequence.