5th Depth

“Rise Into My Spiritual Inheritance”

Mary Burmeister

The primary intention of Fifth Depth is to “rise into my spiritual inheritance”. It is about remembering who we are and fulfilling our true function. The organ functions within the Fifth Depth are Heart and Small Intestine Function Energy.

The attitude of pretense, or trying-too-much, is the cause for dis-harmonized Fifth Depth. This attitude frequently manifests itself as judging or being judged, comparing, competing, and labeling. We assume that we can know a situation in its totality and thus be the judge of it. We compare different people and situations and try to do better or think that we could have done better.

Dis-harmonized Fifth Depth leads to disturbances in its function that is the building and maintaining of healthy bones. Its main project is the heart and the Fifth Depth always helps any heart projects.

Number 7 rules Fifth Depth and holds the key to its perfect harmony. The gift of Fifth Depth is to show us that we do not need to struggle, strive, or suffer to reach perfection. We already are perfect.

To harmonize Fifth Depth:

  • Hold the Little Finger
  • Hold consecutively the Little Finger, then the Ring Finger
  • Reversing and Increasing of Fifth Depth: do the Reversing and Increasing of Fourth, Third, Second, and First Depth.

The Safety Energy Locks Within 5th Depth

24. “The Eye of the Storm.”

Location: On the outer top of the foot, opposite SEL 6.

Meaning and Function

According to M. Burmeister, SEL 24 can reign in chaos and bring peace of mind and body. [SH2, p. 59]. It also helps us gain understanding, and dissolve jealousy and stubbornness. It serves as the Peacemaker of the safety energy locks.

In the pulses, when they feel chaotic, we use SELs 24-26 sequence to calm them down before we apply other sequences.

To Open

  • Hold Little Finger. It is 5th depth finger and it helps unlock SEL 24, as well.
  • Hold same side 26 and 15. Right Hand on L26 and left hand on L15 and vice versa
  • Give yourself a HUG (26’s)

Further Commentary

On both sides of the foot, we have SELs 6 and 24. They both relate to balance, but what is the difference? SEL 6 relates to very physical balance. Imagine you are learning to ride a horse and you are trying to keep your balance and not fall off it. SEL 24 resonates with very different nature of balance. SEL 24 will be more if you are learning how to drive a chariot of eight horses. You have to reign them in, guide them, ensure they work in harmony. When separate forces act out of harmony and pull in each and every direction, chaos reigns Hence, the meaning of SEL 24 as the “Harmonizer of Chaos”. SEL 24 is the symbol of Spiritual Balance. Only Spirit knows how to harmonize seemingly chaotic forces. Only through Spirit you can keep your calm and find your center – be the quiet eye of the storm raging all around you.

Notice that 24 reduces numerically to 6 (Balance).  It also helps with stubbornness [SH2, p.59].

SEL 25. Be Still and Know

Power of Regeneration. Quiet regeneration. The Lead General.[SH2, p. 61]


On the back of the body, at the sit bone.

Meaning and Function

SEL 25 energizes the mind and keeps us calm and alert. In situations where you have be still and cannot move for extended periods, sitting on your hands (SEL 25) can offset the negative effects of lack of walking.

To Open

  • Sit quietly on your hands [SH2, p. 61]
  • Hold the middle finger per the Hand Map.
  • Hold SEL 25 with SEL 3

Further Commentary

When I hold SEL 25, it is usually together with SEL 12 for Bladder Function Energy Self Help sequence, or together with SEL 23 for the self help variation of 23-25 adjustment sequence.

SEL 26. All That Was, Is, and Will Be

All encompassing. Complete. The Director


On the outside of the underarm.

Meaning and Function

Being “Total and Complete”, SEL 26 can harmonize mental, digestive, and physical functions. [SH2, p. 63].

To Open

  • SELs 26 and 15. Place the left hand on the right SEL 26 and the right hand on the right SEL 15. Reverse for the other side.
  • Hold the center of the palm, which corresponds to SEL 26 in the Hand Map.
  • Hold the thumb, index, middle, ring, and little finger one at a time. [SH2, p. 64]
  • 24-26 Adjustment Sequence [T1, p. 35]
  • 26 Adjustment Sequence [T1, p. 36]

Further Commentary

The self-help sequence for the SEL 26 is to place one hand on the opposite underarm, and the other hand to form Mudra No.6. I personally like, to place my thumb over both ring and toe fingernails (not only the ring per the mudra). After my hand surgery, I slept days and nights on my side. That allowed me to place my left hand on my right underarm. As soon as the doctor removed the cast, I added placing my right thumb over the right ring and little fingernails.

Just placing your thumb over the ring and little finger nails is an awesome sequence to hold while jogging or doing any other cardio exercise. The ring finger helps the breathing and the little finger helps anything 5D, including heart and cardiovascular. This hold alone has brought me from being in a terrible shape unable to walk briskly without getting heart palpitations to a decent state where I can enjoy running a mile or so with comfort. We tend to overlook the fingers and toes sometimes in our hunts for new and spectacular flows, but I cannot stress enough, however, how effective and powerful those fingers and toes are. Here are the many ways I have used them.