Small Intestine Function Energy


Small Intestine Function Energy, Left Side

At 2 p.m. Heart becomes Small Intestine Function Energy at the inner side of the little fingernail.  The left Small Intestine then begins to descend down the hand, wrist, and elbow until it reaches thoracic vertebrae No. 1 (TV1). There it intermingles with the right flow and crosses to the opposite side of the body. At the acromion, it divides into two parts.

The descending part flows into the right SEL 13. Then, it crosses back to the left side of the body through the middle of the sternum and flows into the heart and stomach. After that, it eventually scatters. [T2, p20]

The ascending part flows from the acromion along the neck into the right cheekbone in the area of SEL 21. There, it divides again. One branch  (a) flows under the eye and deep into the right ear. Branch (b) ascends diagonally to the forehead. Above the eyebrow, it becomes Bladder Function Energy at 4 pm in the area of SEL 20.

The path of the right Small Intestine mirrors the left flow path.   


Due to its path, Small Intestine helps the same side hand- and arm-projects but opposite side throat, eye, and deep ear.  At SEL 11 the left and right flow intermingle and cross over to the opposite side of the body. As a finger flow, Small Intestine Function Energy helps with regeneration, and its function is intrinsically linked to the transportation and absorption of body nutrients.

Small Intestine Function Energy is the sixth in the 12-fold Division, and when in harmony, it resonates with discrimination, discernment, practical skills, and being of useful service. We can be meticulous in execution and attentive to detail. When it is dis-harmonized, we fall into a state of obsessive-compulsive behavior, hyper-criticism toward others and ourselves, over-analyzing things, and generally missing the forest for the trees.

How to Harmonize


Left Flow: Left Hand on Left 11 and Right Hand on Right 13.

Right Flow: Right Hand on Right 11 and Left Hand on Left 13

Little Finger

We can also hold the little finger as it harmonizes the entire 5th Depth which includes Heart and Small Intestine Function Energy. The little finger, at the same time, is the finger facilitator for the Safety Energy Lock 20 which is where Small Intestine becomes Bladder Function Energy at 4 pm. SEL 20 resonates with the spiritual sight which is helpful to get us out of our obsessive and indiscriminating mental habits.

Further Commentary

SEL 20, Everlasting Eternity

SEL 20, “Everlasting Eternity”, is essential for the harmonious expression of the Small Intestine Function Energy. “The vehicle of illumination” [TH, p.126], Small Intestine becomes Bladder Function Energy in the area of SELs 20, our spiritual sight. In “All Combined Energy – Timing” [TII, p.43], the area between SELs 20 is assigned to the Small Intestine, and we are advised to clear any disharmonies or injuries in that area in the Small Intestine corresponding age of 33 – 40 years old.

SEL 13

The three finger-flows, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, and Umbilicus meet with Main Central Vertical at SEL 13 [T1, p.28].  An open SEL 13 resolves any intermingling of those four.

Colds, Sore Throats, and Winter Labels

The harmonization of Small Intestine Function Energy is a effective to alleviate discomforts of the sore throat variety. While it might not clear them away completely, it certainly makes a noticeable difference in our level of comfort.


  • Number 4, the number of solidity and earth: We keep our feet on solid ground.
  • SEL 4, The Window: We need the light to shine so that we do not get lost in the details.
  • LV 4: The lumbar vertebra associated with Small Intestine (and the Gall Bladder, Light).

“The Sons of Martha” by R. Kipling

When I reflect on Small Intestine Function energy and its function and manifestation, I am invariably reminded of Kipling’s ode to all the practical people who walk the earth, make our life easier, and serve others.