Gall Bladder Function Energy


Gall Bladder Circulation

At 12 am midnight, at the center of the lower lid, Umbilicus becomes Gall Bladder Function Energy which separates in two branches. One (a) circulates back and forth around the cheekbone towards the eyebrow, then back around the ear, then back up to reappear at the forehead where circles back the head. [T2, p. 32, 2a] At the back of the head, branch (a) separates into two branches itself – one of which flows into the acromion, the other flows diagonally from the TV1 to the back of the shoulder joint into the chest and eventually splits again into to branches to flow in the stomach and the umbilicus.

Branch (b) descends directly from the center of the lower lid down the cheekbone to the front shoulder. The left flow of this branch flows through the liver and gall bladder, while the right flows through the spleen and pancreas. Both sides reach the fourth lumbar vertebra (LV4) and then continue into the abdomen where they circulate the pelvis and emerge on the side of the


Gall Bladder Function Energy is tasked to bring light into our existence. As the exhaling aspect of the Third Depth, it also relates to issues of anger, frustration. When we are impatient with people who are not doing things the way we want them to, it is a sign of disharmony of Gall Bladder Function Energy.

How to Harmonize


Left Flow: Left Hand on Left 12 and Right Hand on Right 20.

Right Flow: Right Hand on Right 12 and Left Hand on Left 20.

Further Commentary

Gall Bladder for Chaotic Pulse

When the pulses appear chaotic, Gall Bladder harmonization can be used to bring order and pattern. Then, we can listen to the pulses again.