What do I do for…

What can we do for specific conditions? Toothaches, headaches, sprained ankle, old trauma, and the like? There are many holds and sequences that are beneficial in a variety of conditions. They can help us feel better, alleviate symptoms, help us go through and recover from taxing medical treatments, and so and so forth. We can use these sequences to reduce stress and discomfort as long as we remember that true healing is always of the mind. While we dither over our mental attitudes, however, why not help our energetic circulation remain in relative harmony? Here are some sequences that I have used or learned about from my friends and teachers. [read more]

Fingers and Toes

There are so many wonderful relationships involving our fingers and toes. Here I have included what I know so far. [read more]

Eight Hand Mudras

The Hand Mudras are finger postures originating in Yoga. Yoga books say that they can help us re-wire our energetic circuitry and can help us bust destructive attitudes. Eight of those hand mudras helped Jiro Murai heal himself and form the basis of the healing art he went on to establish as Jin Shin Jyutsu. They are powerful, they are safe to practice even by beginners, and they are life-transforming. [read more]

Three Method Corrections

Each of these three flows can be a life-changing experience according to Jiro Murai. [read more]

The Quick, the Short, and the Handy

These short yet powerful sequences to alleviate discomforts. They are closer to the manifested body than the circulation associated with the Trinity, so they are very efficient in physical situations. [read more]

Thumb and Little Finger

Great quick and easy flows for someone who is not accessible much – at a hospital, injured, immobile, not being able to lie down, etc. [read more]