The Safety Energy Locks in the palm of your hand

Five rounds of the spiral around the five fingers host the first 25 Safety Energy Locks (SEL). The last, SEL 26, to rule them all 😀 , resides in the center of the palm. The order of the SELs along the fingers (1, 5, 6, 7, …) follows the order in which you encounter them along the body regardless of their depths. You begin at the inner side of the knees (SEL 1), then go to the inner ankle, along the foot and then back up the leg (SELs 5, 6, 7, 16, 8, and 25).  Up the back reside the SELs 2, 23, 9, 10, and 3. Then, you follow up the arm and hands (SELS 17, 18, and 19), come back the neck (SELs 11, 12, 4), over the head and down the front (SELs 20, 21, 22, 13, 14). You end at the groin area (SEL 15}.

To each vertebra their own … finger

Texts 1, page 38 gives the relationship between the 12-fold Body Function Energy and the spinal vertebrae. In addition, you can hold your finger for each vertebra. This page is also a great resource for quick harmonization of the organ functions through holding the fingers. Word has it that Mary Burmeister would hold her finger whenever she was talking about its corresponding organ function.

Disharmony of the nervous flow can lead to various discomforts. Text 1, page 39 lists the possible discomforts and the associated verterbrae. For instance, TV6 can expand the trachea and as a consequence, can be used for emergencies when someone is undergoing anaphylactic shock. Obviously, in such cases, it is essential the medical help is sought immediately. In the meantime, however, one can hold TV6 + center of Palm (TV6 again see the diagram).  Similarly holding TV5 + Little Finger helps for symptoms of heart attack.

Text 1, page 40 gives the vertebrae-muscle relationship and once again shows how holding fingers can help various muscle tensions. For example, cramps in the calve area (marked as 14 and 15 on the page 40), corresponds to Lumbar Verterbrae 4 and 5 (LV4, LV5), and hence can be helped by simply holding the Ring and Little Finger.

There is a correspondence between the cervical vertebrae and the fingers, as well. Cervical vertebrae 1,2,3, and 4 correspond respectively to Thumb, Index, Middle, and Ring fingers. The remaining 3 verterbrae, CV5, 6, and 7, correspond to the Little finger.

Finger Energetic Pathways

Flows Through the Fingers

Fingers and toes are essential for our well being. Of the 12-fold Organ Function Energy, all flow either through the toes or the fingers. In addition, the Supervisor, the Mediator, the Fatigue flow and many others flow through one or another of the fingers and toes.


The opposite side Mediator flows through the Thumb. The same side Lung splits into two about 5 inches below the wrist [T1, p. 10}. One branch flows into the thumb.

Index Finger

After Lung splits, the second branch flows to the index finger where it becomes Large Intestine at 6 am.

Middle Finger

Fatigue flow goes through the middle finger, and hence we can hold that finger to help fatigue. One branch of Diaphragm also flows to the tip of the middle finger after the flow splits at the center of the palm [T1, p. 28]

Ring Finger

Diaphragm Function Energy flows to the tip of the ring finger where it becomes Umbilicus at 10 pm.

Little Finger

Heart Function Energy flows along the inner side of the little finger into the nail where it becomes Small Intestine at 2 pm. Interestingly, the little finger corresponds to the 5th depth in the depth-finger relationship which comprises Heart and Small Intestine Function Energy.

Toe Energetic Pathways

Flows Through the Toes

Big Toe

For the feet, the big toe is extremely important. Many energetic pathways flow directly through it:

  • Opposite Stomach to become Spleen,
  • Same side Supervisor and Fatigue,
  • Same side Gall Bladder branch to become Same side Liver Function Energy.

Big Toes are also along the path of the Chest-Back Expanding – Contracting Function Energy [T2, p. 47],  When you cross your hands and hold the ball of the feet (so that Left hand goes to left foot, and Right hand goes to right foot), it helps to expand the chest area and is highly effective in the case of acute symptoms of heart attack.

Second Toe

Stomach Function actually has three branches and they flow through the big, second, and middle toe on opposite foot. The second toe is also the 7th and last step of “The Eye Flow”, T1, p. 24].

Middle Toe

The middle toe is where the Liquified Grain Function and Compressed Oxygen Function intermingle. To keep them balanced, you “must keep your middle toes happy”. It is also where the third branch of the opposite Stomach pathway ends.

Ring Toe

The Mediator flows through the ring toe on the opposite side foot. Somewhere around the lateral (outer) side of the ankle same side Gall Bladder Function Energy splits into two branches. One of them continues across the top of the foot to reach the ring toe, while the other goes diagonally to the big toe and becomes Liver at 2 am. [T2, 32]

Little Toe

The little toe is where Bladder becomes Kidney Function Energy. Hold the little toe whenever you need to harmonize Kidney Function Energy. Try it during sneezing spells and see how quickly they stop.

Holding the toes and fingers can help directly all  Function Energy  that flows directly through them. It is particularly helpful in acute situations to relieve symptoms. Holding the toes and fingers, however, helps on much deeper levels due to the various relationships.

Finger-Toe Relationship

In order to understand the finger-toe relationship, you need to keep in mind two things [T1, p41; SH3, p18]

  1. Left hand back relates to right foot sole, and
  2. Left hand palm relates to right foot top.

Now, place your left hand palm over the top of your right foot. You can see by position, the thumb corresponds to the little toe, the index finger – to the ring toe, the middle finger – to the middle toe, etc. And so, this energy that links toes to fingers, also links all the other function energy through the toes to their corresponding fingers, and vice versa.

Here is an example: The left thumb corresponds to the right toe.  If the little toe is difficult to access for whatever reason, then you can always hold the thumb of the opposite hand.

Practical Note.  When you find yourself in a position that prevents much movement or access to various parts of the body (as in a hospital setting), you can give the Fingers-and-Toes flow.

If you sit on the right:

StepRight HandLeft Hand
1.Left Little ToeRight Thumb
2.Left Ring ToeRight Index Finger
3.Left MIddle ToeRight Middle Finger
4.Left Second ToeRight Ring Finger
5.Left Big ToeRight Little Figner
6.Right Big ToeLeft Little Finger
7.Right Second ToeLeft Ring Finger
8.Right Middle ToeLeft Middle Finger
9.Right Ring ToeLeft Index Finger
10.Right Little ToeLeft Thumb

As a Self-Help sequence, simply put your Left Hand over your Right Foot and wrap toes with fingers. Thumb over little toe, Index around ring toe, Middle around the middle toe, Ring around second toe, and Little Finger around big toe. Repeat for the other side.

Each one of the SEL can be opened through simply holding the corresponding finger [SH2]. And each finger, of course, can open the five SEL residing there.