Left And Right Major Vertical  (Supervisor) Universal Harmonizing Energy

The Left and Right Major Vertical (Supervisor) Universal Harmonizing Energy is the second aspect of the Universal Harmonizing Energy [T1,  p.3]. It resonates with the number 2 – Duality. There are two Supervisors for the two sides of the body: left and right. Each oversees its corresponding side and is responsible for that side to be in harmony with the Main Central Energy.  The Left-Right Supervisor duality relates to any concept that manifests in duality.

The Supervisor flows “monitor” their corresponding sides: left and right. The Left Supervisor helps with exhaling. It corresponds to the active, masculine  principle and it facilitates the rational side,  linear thinking, logic and the concept of time. It also supervises any building processes in the body. The Right Supervisor helps with inhaling. It corresponds to the passive, feminine principle and it facilitates the artistic side, relationships, and the concept of space. It also supervises the cleaning up processes in the body.

 Right SupervisorLeft Supervisor
Intuition, Imagination
Concept of space
Linear thought
Logic, Reason
Concept of time


The Supervisor flows begin at the inner side of the knees and circulate the body five times.  They descend down their corresponding legs, ascend back up, go over the head and descend. At each round as they reach the groin area of their corresponding side, they flow somewhat deeper, thus forming five depths of manifestation.  Each depth fulfills a particular function of building the surface skin (1D),  the deep skin (2 D),  the blood (3D),  the muscles (4D), and the bones (5D).

The Safety Energy Locks

“And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven” (KJV, Matthew, 16:19)

Throughout the depths, along the Supervisor pathway lie 26 pairs of round energetic beings called Safety Energy Locks (SEL) the size of a human palm. They serve as safety valves that prevent energetic disharmony from spreading throughout the body. When the energy flows harmoniously all SELs are open. A closed SEL indicates disharmony somewhere along the energetic pathways that go through it. When touched, the area of a closed SEL feels tense and uncomfortable, sometimes even painful.  When the SEL is open, one can feel light clear harmonious pulsation.


Number 2

The Supervisor comes the second in the Universal Harmonizing Energy [T1, p. 3] and is the first flow for which the energy divides. It is about Duality and resonates with the function of number 2. Naturally, it can be helped by SEL 2 through their numerological relationship.

Hip Line

The Supervisor relates to the physical manifestation and resonates with the Hip line, being the line corresponding to the physical body.  Any flows harmonizing the Hip line (SEL 2, 15) will directly work towards the harmonization of the Supervisor, and vice versa. Harmonizing the Supervisor opens up the Hip line. The 2nd Method Correction  brings the Supervisor and the Main Central back into harmony and, at the same time, harmonizes the Hip line.

Harmonizing the Supervisor