2nd Depth

“Bring About the Harmonious Expression of Spirit, Mind, and Body”

Mary Burmeister

Second Depth came into being so that we can have a “harmonious expression of spirit, mind, and body” according to Mary Burmeister. It is about rhythm and harmony and naturally, it is related to breathing. Its organ functions are Lung and Large Intestine Function Energy.  The attitude of grief/sadness prevents the Mediator from harmonizing the second depth and the effects will show in the deep skin. The Second Depth’s main project is skin, so any skin-project can be helped through harmonizing that depth.

Harmonized Second Depth bestows common sense. To harmonize it:

The Safety Energy Locks Within 2nd Depth

Safety Energy Lock 5 Undeviating Justice; Regeneration

Location: At the inner ankle.

Some people like to hold a bit behind the knuckle, while others – under it. Remember, the Safety Energy Locks are round energetic spheres with a diameter approximately the size of the human palm. No need to worry exactly where the precise location of an SEL is. Just place your hand, and feel around. Wherever you feel the strongest pulsation – that is the best location.

Keywords: Mind Specialist

Meaning and Function: Safety Energy Lock 5 helps us release judgment; deal with changes, adapt; helps us “put off the old and put on the new”.

What Mary says: “[It] aids: chest congestion; digestive discomforts; back an hip tension/stress; hearing discomforts.” [SH2, p. 20]

To open

  • Hold the index finger. Wrap one hand around the index finger of the other hand.
  • Hold both SEL15.
  • 15-3:
    • (right) Place the right hand on the right SEL 15 and the left hand on the right SEL 3.
    • (left) Place the left hand on the left SEL 15 and the right hand on the left SEL 3.
  • 5-6-7-8 Harmonizing Sequence.  

Further Commentary

Don’t overlook the simple index-finger hold in favor of longer flows. The index finger resonates with SEL 5 in more than one manner, which makes it a powerful relation.

  • The index finger helps the 4th Depth, and the 4th Depth is about fear, which SEL 5 helps dispell.
  • Holding the index finger also opens five SEL, one of which is SEL 5.

Number 5 is the symbol of man. The apex of the pyramid with a material square for a base. It keeps us grounded and helps us stay in the center without judgment. When the storm is all around us and we are tempted to judge fearfully and act hastily, an open SEL 5 helps to keep our poise and to weather any storms.

Safety Energy Lock 5 helps us release our fears. If we have had a traumatic experience and we cannot let go of it, or we keep reliving it in our thoughts or keep fearing things will get even worse, we can harmonize SEL 5 to bring a release of those fears. Generally, if we need to accept a situation as it is without judging it, opening SEL 5 is a good way to go.

SEL 5 is related to regeneration as it also helps us to “put off the old and put on the new” [SH2, p. 20]

SEL 5 is very powerful but most of the time we hold it together with other SELs, so I have never experienced its effect exclusively. Holding 5-16 is calming and soothing of painful conditions. 5-16 also helps muscle soreness if you have done much physical work.

The 5-6-7-8 sequence is very powerful yet subtle. It is considered a Good-For-Everything flow. it helps critical conditions and may alleviate the side effects of invasive and taxing medical treatment for scary conditions.

Safety Energy Lock 6 Balance

Location: On the inner side of the foot, at the arch, approximately half-way between the heel and the toes.

Keywords: Mind specialist. Total balancer. Governor of respiratory functions.

Meaning and Function: Not too much. Not too little. 6 is a perfect number according to the Pythagoreans. Its factors, 1, 2, and 3, add up to the number itself, 6. There is only one such number between 1 and 10, and only one more between 10 and 100 (That is 28 for the curious!). Thus, 6 is representative of the perfect balance. In 6, the triangle of Heaven meets the triangle of Earth and both interlock to form a 6-pointed star.

What Mary says: “[It] aids: chest congestion; digestive discomforts; back and hip tension/stress.

To open

Further Commentary

SEL 6 is the governor of respiratory function, while SEL 3 is the respiratory specialist.

Safety Energy Lock has a very close relationship with both Lung and Large Intestine aspects of the 12-fold Body Function Energy. Pulse indication for both Lung and Large Intestine can be harmonized by harmonizing SEL 6. Notice that the harmonizing sequences for both Lung and Large Intestine have 6 steps.

Holding Safety Energy Lock 6 together with the little toe of the same foot (Movement Order of Disharmony, T2, p. 49 ) can help situations when the 1st Depth needs harmonization. I have used this sequence to stay alert during a meeting after lunch. Here is what Mary Burmeister says regarding the connection between this sequence and digestion: “[Movement Order of Disharmony] Body Function Energy created from liquids and food circulates from skin surface through muscles and into bones.” [T2, p. 48]. In that context, it is not surprising to me that holding SEL 6 and the little toe was able to help me with digestion after lunch.

Here are the two sides of the adjustment sequence known as Movement Order of Disharmony [T2, p.48]:

  • Right: Place the right hand on the right SEL 6 and the left hand on the right little toe
  • Left: Place the left hand on the left SEL 6 and the right hand on the left little toe.

Safety Energy Lock 6 has helped me when I had troubles with digestion and balance at the same time.

Safety Energy Lock 7 Victory, Perfect Life Power

Location: At the very tip of the big toe.

Keywords: Mind Specialist; No judgment; I am perfect

Meaning and Function: The meaning of SEL 7 is Victory and Perfect Life Power. An open SEL 7 reminds us that we were created perfect and that we have always been. And that as truly perfect, we can let go of guilt and stop judging ourselves.

What Mary says: “[It] aids: chest congestion; digestive discomforts; back, hip, head discomforts

To open:

Further Commentary

Reflecting the correspondence between the very high and the very low – SEL 7 corresponds to the head. Opening SEL 7 helps energy descend down the body, clears up head and any abdominal distress.

Holding SELs 7 is my favorite flow when I feel an acute abdominal discomfort, usually brought on by eating specific foods. It clears up any pain within 5 minutes even though I have to hold it for at least 30-40 minutes or else the pain re-occurs. It can be a bit awkward to reach it by oneself, especially if you are in pain – so if you have someone else around, why not ask them to hold your big toes.

I also held SEL 7 for my dog (tip of his hind paws) when he showed signs of seizures and that calmed him down.

The location of SEL 7 is at the very tip of our big toe. In fact, it is not even clear whether it is on the top or the bottom part of the foot, whether it is a descending/exhaling or ascending/inhaling safety energy lock. I would like to think that SEL 7 represents the gap between the exhaling and inhaling process of our bodies – the brief instant when the past is gone and the future not yet come. The NOW! 🙂

Safety Energy Lock 8 Rhythm, Strength, Peace

Location: On the outer side of the knee, at the tip of the fibula.

A low SEL 8 is about a hand’s breadth down the leg (see the illustration).  Occasionally, we can shift SEL 8 towards the center back of the knee. This location is particularly useful for helping 4-Depth projects due to two branches of the Bladder Function Energy merging at the center back of the knee. Even in the visible body, that location is a major circulatory intersection.  There, the Popliteal Artery branches into the Inferior Medial and Lateral Genicular Arteries. Also there, the Popliteal Vein branches into the Inferior Medial and Lateral Genicular Vein.

Keywords: Rhythm, strength, peace, miracles unfolding.

Meaning and Function: SEL 8 reminds us that miracles exist and an open SEL 8 allows for the miracles to unfold. “I alone impose limitations on myself”, says Mary Burmeister [SH2, p. 26]. The function of SEL 8 helps us realize that nothing holds us back.

What Mary says: “[It] aids: assimilation and elimination; rectal; all functions in pelvic girdle area; muscle tension/stress

To Open

Further Commentary

Open SEL 8 helps with the regulation of the temperature of the body. If you are feeling too hot or too cold, holding SEL 8 can help regulate that sensation. I held my 8s once when I felt extremely cold in a large air-conditioned auditorium. Within several minutes, I felt immune to the coldness in the room. Mind you, I didn’t feel hot or warm, I just felt normal without the ambient temperature disturbing me anymore. Since then, I’ve experienced the temperature regulatory effect of SEL 8 on multiple occasions.

At SEL 8, the Supervisory flow is along the lateral side of the body and ascending towards the pelvic area, while the Mediator is flowing from the pelvic area down towards the foot.  The energetic flow from and into the pelvic area passes through the location of SEL 8, and hence open SEL 8 is considered the most beneficial for anything related to the hip area.

We use the symbol of infinity stood upright to represent the number 8. In the middle of 8 is where “above” touches “below” in the Hermetic “As Above, So Below”. The shape of 8 holds the key to our ascent or descent along the spirit-matter. The two energetic pathways Ida and Pingala of the Hindus spiral around the main channel and form multiple loops of 8.

Holding the 8’s is also good for any pelvic/hip related projects. Because of that, I once recommended it to my 90-yr old grandmother who happily reported after several weeks of holding her 8s that, now, her shoulders felt relaxed and well. Holding the 8’s actually is recommended in T2, p. 53 as the Special Body Function 4 and it does relate to hip-imbalance that leads to one shoulder higher than the other.

Safety Energy Lock 9 End Of One Cycle is the Beginning Of Another

Location: Along the back, at the bottom tip of the shoulder blade, approximately in the area of thoracic vertebrae 8.

Keywords: End of one cycle and the beginning of another

Meaning and Function: According to Pythagoras, 9 was the highest expression of completion. The greatest gift of SEL 9 is the attainment of discernment.

What Mary says: “[It] aids chest congestion; back; hip; foot discomforts – toes, callous, corns, sprains.

To open:

  • Hold the thumb.
  • Hold SEL 19 (elbows)
  • Low 8 + 16 on the same side of the 9.
  • Hold the area of 12/4 with the opposite 21. It helps the 9 on the side of the SELs 12/4. On a side note, this is also excellent quickie to help any discomforts in the eye. In that case, it helps the eye on the side of 21.

Further Commentary

According to Wayne Hackett, the combination of Low 8 and 16 were Mary Burmeister’s favorite quickie for opening SEL 9. To help the right SEL 9, one holds the right Low 8 and the right SEL 16.

Open SEL 9 keeps the feet in good shape. Conversely, feet discomforts will recur until SEL 9 is harmonized and remains open.

SEL 10. Abundance.

Location: Along the back, about the middle of the shoulder blade level (TV 5)

Keywords: Warehouse of abundance.

Meaning and Function: “10 came into the universe meaning air, vehicle of the outpouring of limitless Life-Power”, [SH2, p. 30] It reminds us that there is a world beyond ours, one where abundance reigns in the place of scarcity.

What Mary says: “[It] aids chest congestion; blood pressure; voice; release tension/stress in the knee, hip, neck, and shoulder.” [SH2, p. 30]

How to open

Further Commentary

There are four harmonizing sequences for SEL 10: General [T1, p. 21],  Breathing [T1, p.22], Balance [T1, p. 23], and Vision [T1, p.24].

“With the Breathing flow, I look through and see any problem to know that there never was a problem,” Mary Burmeister.

I don’t usually have problems falling asleep at night. On a rare occasion when I do have problems, however, I ask my husband to place his hand in the area of SEL 10, and that inevitably puts me to sleep within several minutes. As self-help, however, holding SEL 10 for sleeplessness is not practical. I discovered that holding SEL 1 was just as efficient and I could do it easily by myself alone.

Two very powerful self-help sequences come out of the 7-step sequence given as Eyes in T1, p. 24.

  • 3-step sequence to help the left eye
    • Place the left hand under the right underarm,
      • place the right hand on the left SEL 20 (above the eyebrow)
      • place the right hand on the left SEL 21 (cheekbone)
      • return the right hand back to the left SEL 20 (above the eyebrow)
  • 3-step sequence to help the right eye
    • Place the right hand under the left underarm,
      • place the left hand on the right SEL 20 (above the eyebrow)
      • place the left hand on the right SEL 21 (cheekbone)
      • return the right hand back to the right SEL 20 (eyebrow)
  • Second toe: hold the second toe to help the eye on the same side.

I have used both “eye” sequences myself several times. My friend Ryu first alerted me how powerful holding the second toe sequence was for harmonizing eye conditions. Since then, I tried it myself, as well, and was able to help my eyes when they were twitching too much from fatigue.

SEL 11. Justice. Unloading excess baggage.

Location: At the base of the neck at the level of thoracic vertebra 1 (TV 1).

Keywords: Janitor, Justice, Unloading excess baggage.

Meaning and Function: SEL 11 helps the exhaling processes, the descending energetic pathways, and removes all kinds of burdens – from mental and emotional to toxins that burden the body.

What Mary says: “[It] aids shoulder, neck tension/stress; hip, leg, head, arm, elbow, wrist, hand, finger discomforts.”

To open

  • Hold the index finger.
  • Place a hand on the same or the opposite shoulder. At the same time, with your other hand place the thumb over the ring finger’s nail (as in Mudra No 6). [SH 2, p. 32]
  • Hold the same side SELs 11 and 25 [SH 2, p. 33]
  • A quickie: Place the right hand on the left 4/12/11/3 area and the left hand on the right 19. Or, place the left hand on the right 4/12/11/3 area and the right hand on the left 19. [modifiacation of the quickie from Text 1, p. 25]

Further Commentary

SEL 11 is an important energetic intersection. All finger flows cross the side of the body at the location of thoracic vertebra 1 which is between the left and right SEL 11. It appears somewhat in a central place relative to all other SELs and thus provides a balance according to Mary Burmeister [SH2, p. 32].

When I was about to start volunteering at the hospice, I met another volunteer, an elderly lady. I had all these ideas how I was going to hold the hands and the feet/ankles for the hospice people and help them feel better. The elderly lady said: “don’t forget the shoulders, they, too, feel wonderful”. Many of us love a shoulder rub, or simply the feel of a hand on one’s shoulder.

The area of SEL 11 is frequently tense for many of us. Our life has become very stressful and naturally, our shoulders climb up and up as we carry our burdens day after day. That is what Jiro Murai addresses in his exhortation that we all “Drop the Shoulders. Be the Smile”.

According to Wayne Hackett, when Mary Burmeister fell ill while in Japan, Jiro Murai would visit her every day. For 15 minutes or so during each visit, he applied the 11, 12, 3, 4 flow from page 26 of T2. As we all know from her life story, Mary Burmeister fell ill mysteriously shortly after beginning her studies of Jin Shin Jyutsu. She eventually recovered completely never to be sick again. The story is detailed in The Touch of Healing.

SEL 12. Thy Will Be Done

Location: SEL 12 is located along the middle of the neck in the vicinity of cervical vertebra No 4.

Keywords: Surrender, Thy Will Be Done

Meaning and Function. Safety Energy Lock 12 helps us accept direction from Higher Sources. Its function is to help us to accept, connect with, and follow our Higher Self.

What Mary says: “[It] aids: [the] release of arm tension/stress and neck.”

To open

  • Hold the middle finger.
  • Place both hands along the same side SEL 12. [SH 2, p. 34]
  • 12-coccyx. Place one hand at the coccyx and the other on the opposite side SEL 12. [SH2, p. 35]

Further Commentary

I like holding both sides SEL 12 at night when I am falling asleep. It feels like a hug to myself and there is that sense of surrender to a higher power that watches over me. By surrendering to a higher power, we also hand over our burdens to that Higher Power. By unloading so, we can feel at peace with ourselves. The need to defend, argue or justify ourselves disappears.

One of my favorite adjustment sequences is the Bladder Function Energy self-help sequence of holding SEL 12 together with the coccyx. When my coccyx appeared twisted for a while, holding SEL 12-coccyx for 30 minutes always readjusted my tailbone to its natural alignment.

When my daughter was only a month-old baby, she picked up some bug that caused her eye to constantly tear. Every time I held her in my arms I adjusted my hands so that they were on her SELs 12 and 25. For young babies, that is actually a very natural position as we carry, nurse, or cuddle them. After 2 days, the eye tearing stopped and her eye recovered. The idea to hold the Bladder flow for her condition came from a story in The Touch of Healing book. [TH, p. 117]

SEL 13. Love All. Fountain Of Youth

Location: SEL 13 resides in the upper chest area, at the level of the third rib (middle of the sternum).

Keywords: Hub of present-day lifestyle.

Meaning and Function: SEL 13 came into existence with the meaning of LOVE. This is not the little, specific, and special love that we experience towards the people we like or are attracted to. SEL 13 refers to the Universal Love that watches over us, ensures our wellbeing, and applies to all of us without exception. It relates to the inner child of each one of us – that innocent and loveable part of us which is the only true part of ourselves.

What Mary says: “[It] aids chest congestion, appetite balance; reproductive functions; tension/stress of shoulders and neck.

To Open

  • Hold Middle Finger
  • Place your hands on both sides SEL 13.
  • Index-little finger quickie: Hold the right index, then the little finger. Then repeat for the left index and little fingers.

Further Commentary

There are only three adjustment sequences that are symmetric, that is, they have no left and right variations. They are the sequences for the Main Central, the Third Method Correction, and SEL 13.

SEL 13 helps anything in the chest. It also helps the Main Central Vertical, Small Intestine, and Umbilicus Function Energy at the same time as they all cross in the center of the front 3rd rib. [T1, p. 28]

SEL 13 resides in the Bust Line in the 3-fold division. Opposite to it, on the back, is SEL 10.

Open SEL13 helps us stay in touch with our inner child and accept love (of both ourselves and others). When our creative forces do not have an appropriate outlet, they turn inward in a destructive way. By connecting us to the Universal Love and our inner child, Safety Energy Lock 13 can provide that creative outlet and help us overcome addictions and destructive habits.

When surrounded by love, you transform self-destruction into creativity. Through its creative function, SEL 13 is closely related to fertility and to Kidney/Scorpio Function Energy. It is governed by SEL 4 [T1, p. 18] and numerically resonates with the 4th Depth (1+3=4).

Of the 12-fold Function Energy, eleven flow through SEL 13.  Seven of those have a particularly close relationship with SEL 13. All Finger flows go through the area of SEL 13. In addition, the Surface Function Energy (Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach, and Spleen) also combine at the center of third front ribs [T2, p. 4].  Also there, In the middle of the sternum, the Mediator crosses the body twice in its circulatory pattern.

Question: What is the relationship between SEL 13 and its harmonizing sequence and the 4th Depth?

  • Numerically, 13 reduces to 4 (1+3).
  • The 10-step harmonizing sequence begins by holding the middle of SELs 13 and 10, the sum of them adding up to 23, the only SEL residing in the 4th Depth.
  • The middle between SEL 13 is the middle of the sternum – a sensitive point for the Bladder Function Energy ( see All Combined Energy, T2,p. 43)
  • The base of the sternum, which is the 5th step in the 10-step harmonizing sequence (T1, p. 28) corresponds to the Kidney Function Energy (see All Combined Energy, T2, p. 43)

When I first started exploring Jin Shin Jyutsu, I frequently felt pulse indications in the superficial index fingers and the deep ring fingers at the same time. It was SEL 13 and in particular, its shortcut/self-help/quickie of holding the index finger and then the pinky of one hand, and then the other, that helped harmonize my pulses.

SEL 14. Equilibrium, Sustenance

Location: Located at the bottom of the rib cage – around the tip of the last rib.

Keywords: Beginning of man; equilibrium; nourishment; bridge

Meaning and Function: SEL 14 serves as a bridge between Heaven (above) and Earth (below). It helps to maintain and sustain life in the body. It also helps us digest food, thoughts, and life events in general. It is closely related to Diaphragm Function Energy. It is located at the Waist Line and serves as a bridge between Heaven and Earth, “As Above so Below”.

What Mary says: “[It] aids hips and thighs tension/stress; maintains our harmony waist up with waist down.”

To Open

  • Hold Ring Finger
  • Quickie: One hand on opposite SEL 14, place the thumb of the other hand over the ring fingernail.
  • Hold both sides SEL 14.
  • Hold both sides SEL 19.
  • 19-14: Place one hand on the opposite SEL 14 and the other on the opposite SEL 19.

Further Commentary

SEL 14 helps all toe flows and it also helps the Middle Body Function Energy of Diaphragm, Umbilicus, Gall Bladder, and Liver [T2, p.4]. It helps the brain, calms the mind. It is good for mental projects or psychiatric labels.

Left SEL 14 HelpsRight SEL 14 Helps
Left Brain, EyeRight Brain, Eye
Spleen, PancreasLiver, Gall Bladder
Digest CarbsDigest proteins
Quickie: R on L14; Hold L R.F.Quickie: L on R14, Hold  R R. F.

When you have eaten too much and you are feeling beyond full,  for a quick relief place a hand on the opposite SEL 14 and the other hand on the opposite 4th ring toe

Safety Energy Lock 15. Wash Our Hearts With Laughter

Location: In the groin area on both sides of the pubic bone.

Keywords: The Comedian

Meaning and Function: SEL 15 brings a sense of humor and helps us laugh in life. It gently reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously.

What Mary says: “[It] aids abdominal and leg tension/stress; hips, knees, foot disharmonies, including bloat tension/stress.”

To Open

  • Hold Little Finger
  • Place both hands on both sides SEL 15.
  • 15-3: Place one hand on the same side SEL 15 and the other hand on the opposite SEL 3. (you end up harmonizing SEL 15 and SEL 3 on the same side)
  • 15-6: Place one hand on the same side SEL 15 and the other hand on the opposite SEL 6

Further Commentary

SELs 15 and 3 are closely related. Before we can experience the benefits of SEL 3, we need to open SEL 15 first (see Text 1, p. 17). In fact, I have a friend who said SEL 3 never helped him with flu and cold until he began holding SEL 15 first. Now, he says that just holding SEL 15 helps and he doesn’t even need to reach out to SEL 3.

Opening SEL 15 helps with abdominal discomfort. In fact, once when I had abdominal discomfort during a JSJ seminar, Iole Lebensztajn held 15 and 6 to help with the discomfort. I also saw a person who held her 15s for an evening and harmonized congestion in the face/head area. That congestion had been so bad that she thought originally that she had a sinus infection and went to the doctor of antibiotics. The tests came back negative and the doctor told her that she most likely had some allergies. On the morning after she held her 15s, huge amount of mucous was released and she felt relief after weeks of suffering.

SEL 15 harmonizes all fiery energy – Lung, Heart, and Diaphragm Function Energy. Remember, the fiery energy originates in the chest area and is called Chest Flows in JSJ. I never understood why and how 15 can help the Lung, but I held 15 and 6 once and was able to harmonize both Lung and Large Intestine Function Energy in my pulses.

SEL 15 is related to the Hip Line and as such it helps in the physical recovery of the body – fractures, surgeries, etc. Any time something physical is going on in the body, SEL 15 is beneficial. It helps the same side abdomen, hip, knee, cold foot, bloating in the knee and lower leg area.

Safety Energy Lock 15 is about mental balance and relates to SEL 6, the physical balance. If you need to stay emotionally and mentally balanced in a situation, make sure SEL 15 is open and harmonized.