Heart Function Energy



At 12 pm, Spleen Function Energy reaches the heart and becomes Heart Function Energy. As Heart,  it will traverse many paths in the following two hours. One part will flow through thoracic vertebra No.3 (TV3) and out to the chest [TII p.18, “A”], while another will go through the axilla, to the back, and into the opposite side kidney (“B”). One will descend down to the small intestine (“C”), another will ascend into the cerebrum (“D”), and one will flow superficially along the arm into the little finger (“E”). Along its pathways, Heart will also have traveled through the diaphragm, the trachea, the throat and eye, and along the surface of the same side arm and wrist all the way to the little finger’s nail.

With one exception, the pathways are all deep, the Heart Function Energy being a part of the Deep Body Function Energy [TII-4]. At the underarm (axilla), a part of the Function Energy [TII-18, “E”] surfaces up and flows along the front of the arm, through the elbow, and along the medial side of the little finger. At the base of the little fingernail, it becomes Small Intestine Function Energy at 2 pm.

How to Harmonize

Little Finger and/or TV5

To directly harmonize Heart, hold the little finger. There, Heart becomes Small Intestine Function energy on the manifested level. Alternatively, hold the little and then the ring finger of the same hand. This sequence is good for clearing up “pretense”, the attitude of Fifth Depth [SH2, p36].

If helping someone else, hold the little finger while placing the other hand on the thoracic vertebra 5 (TV5), the area of SEL10 along the spine.

SEL 15, Wash Our Hearts with Laughter

SEL 15 brings the joy back into our lives and directly harmonizes the Heart Function Energy. The Deep Body Function Energy, the 4th and 5th depths, combines at Main Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy in umbilicus [TII-4]. Opening SEL 15 helps directly the Deep Body Function Energy and consequently the Heart. It also removes blocks to the descending energy and prevents it from stagnating in the chest or head areas. SEL 15 also maps onto the 5th-depth little finger [SHII-41].

Further Commentary

Number 5

Heart Function Energy is closely related to the function of the number five, the number of man, spirit manifesting in matter, whose symbol is the pyramid. Together with Small Intestine, Heart Function Energy comprises the fifth depth. It also comes fifth in the diurnal procession of the Twelve Body Function, and it corresponds to the fifth astrological sign Leo. Along the spine, thoracic vertebra No.5 (TV5) is associated with the heart. Consequently, we utilize SEL 5 in the harmonizing sequence for Hearth Function Energy [TII-19].

SEL 12, Thy Will Be Done

When our Heart Function Energy is in harmony, we move in life with grace. We know when, what, and how to say and do in the most appropriate manner without hurting anyone. We act with love, magnanimity, compassion, and devotion to higher principles. Yet, our heart, the ruler of all on the manifested level, must in its turn be aligned with the direction of the Universal Mind. To that end, we must ensure that SEL 12 “Thy Will Be Done” remains open. It is SEL 12 that helps us “to keep from TRY-ing to DO and allows us to effortless BE” [SH2-34].

While the heart is usually associated with kindness, benevolence, and care, it is also the organ of devotion. SEL 12, “Thy Will Be Done”, guides that devotion in the only direction where we can find happiness. Good deeds without devotion to a higher principle leave us in a “stubborn dictatorial state of mind” (MB) and inevitably lead to heart disharmonies. Alignment with the Higher Spirit, on the other hand, reconnects us with our Source and reveals to us our true purpose in life. Now, we can put our hearts to work in that direction.

Number 12 also resonates with the safety energy locks of the fifth depth. SELs 24, 25, and 26 add up to 75, a number that reduces to 12 as the sum of 7 (the 5th depth’s number) and 5 (the depth itself). On the manifested level, SEL 12 resides in the area of the cervical vertebra No.4 (CV4) associated with the Sun, the ruler of Leo and the Heart Function Energy [NKM].

Diaphragm Function Energy

The heart is the only organ that has another one assigned to guard it. It is enveloped and protected by the pericardium, the organ of the Diaphragm Function Energy. If the heart is the ruler, then the pericardium is the imperial guard. Heart becomes Small Intestine Function Energy at the little finger, while the Diaphragm becomes Umbilicus Function Energy at the ring finger. Holding the little finger and then the ring finger of the same hand clears up both of them and harmonizes the 5th-depth attitude of pretense [SHII, p. 36]. 

Seven Perfect Steps.

Let go of all the burdens
And hear the Voice inside.
Be happy and content
To have your Source
of Nourishment and Joy.
Go back to oneness
Where there is no fear.
You are the perfect Self
You were created to be.