Listening to pulses is very subjective. My personal experience is that the Universe will “speak” to me in any way I am prepared to “listen” for it.  All I have to do is pay attention and trust myself.

It is normal that one person hears one thing, while another hears something totally different. The pulses themselves also change from one moment to the next. We can never know the full picture and so judgment as to what is correct or not is totally meaningless. 

The Basic Language Of Pulse Listening

Where And How To Place Our Hands

I like to listen to the pulses on myself. I wrap my left hand around my right wrist (see the picture) while keeping the tips of my index, middle, and ring finger even. I reverse for the other hand.

There are many reasons why we might not hear the pulses in the beginning. Tension is one of them. So, if I don’t hear anything, I check my breathing first. Sometimes I catch myself holding my breath or breathing in shallow bursts. I also check for tension in my body – neck, arms, back, hands. When we don’t hear pulses, our natural reflex is to tense and put more pressure on the wrist. The truth is that more often than not, we actually need to relax and lighten the touch.

What To Listen For

I usually listen to the pulses at two levels: superficial and deep. The superficial level is when I first place my hands on the wrist and apply virtually no pressure. After that, I slightly twist my hand from the wrist inwardly and listen for the deep pulses. Please, note that the slightly increased pressure of the deep pulse listening doesn’t come from increased pressure from my fingers but rather from the twisting motion of the hand.

In the beginning, we naturally focus on the individual sensations in our fingers. Some people are drawn to what is loudest in the pulse, while others focus on the absence of sensation or the quietude in some of the fingers. It doesn’t really matter whichever way we decide to follow. I like to keep my mind open and let the pulses surprise me.


When we ask a question of right versus left side of the body, or exhaling versus inhaling, we play with duality. This question resonates with the function of the Supervisors. When I am listening to my own pulses, left versus right comparison is usually impractical. I listen to one hand at a type and it is difficult to judge what my left hand felt versus my right. The other duality questions, however, a perfectly acceptable even in a self-help setting.

I can compare how the superficial pulses feel relative to the deep pulses. I do it one hand at a time, but it is sufficient to note whether my descending energy (superficial, exhaling processes) is louder or quieter than my ascending energy (deep, inhaling processes).

Triplicity: Bust, Waist, and Hip Line

Another question to which my mind is sometimes drawn is that of the three lines: Bust, Waist, and Hip. In this division, the index fingers correspond to the Bustline, the middle – to the Waistline, and the ring finger – to the Hipline.

If we overlay the duality of superficial vs. deep with the triplicity of Bust-Waist-Hip, we have six possibilities. Here is a table with the Safety Energy Locks that can help restore the harmony for each situation. I selected the Safety Energy Locks based on the rulerships given by Mary Burmeister on page 18 of her Textbook 1.

Superficial Level
(exhaling, descending)
Deep Level
(inhaling, ascending)
Both Levels
Index Fingers
Middle Fingers
Ring Fingers

The Six Depths And The Twelve-fold Body Function Energy

As we listen to the pulses, the depths correlated to each of our fingers. The table below gives the Depths according to our listening fingers.

Index FingerMIddle FingerRing Finger
Left Hand2 Depth1 Depth6 Depth
Right Hand5 Depth3 Depth4 Depth
Both HandsBust LineWaist LineHip Line

If we add the exhaling/inhaling aspects to the depths and the fingers, we get the 12-fold Body Function Energy correlated to the pulses as the following diagram shows.

“Listen only for harmony”

In recent years, I find myself more and more for harmony rather than for the depths, fingers, Body Function Energy, the lines, etc. As I place my hands on my wrists (or on someone else’s), I ask myself, what can bring harmony to the pulses. The answers, I must admit, are frequently surprising and puzzling. On the Puzzles page, I share some of my experiences with that. The good thing is that no matter how unexpected the harmonizing sequence is, I can always see if it is relevant or not. I listen to the pulses before and after, and if the pulses appear more in harmony after the session, the flow must have been a good one.

Quality of Pulses

The quality of pulsation reveals how the 7-Depth Light circulates within the manifestation. Pulses can show how receptive one is to the Light, or how well one utilizes and expresses that Light.  Each type of pulsation comes with its unique combination of intensity, rhythm, and texture, and corresponds to a specific set of conditions. [….more. about the quality…]


I used to feel extremely intimidated by the pulses. Were they really as I thought? What if my fingers were not placed in the correct manner? And how would I know what my intuition told me?  Even worse, what if I did not have intuition?  Without intuition how could I practice! And without practice, how can I build intuition! [ …. more on how to play with pulse listening ….]