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If you need a copy of your chart …

If you need a copy of your astrological chart, you can get a free one on the Astrodienst site. Here is a video demonstration of how to do it.

For a professionally created chart, personalized explanations or readings, and more, check out the Natal Chart Bundles I offer HERE.  

Watch Videos

The Natal Chart – A brief introduction to the Natal Chart

The Planets – Your script and its supporting actors.

Tracking Cycles Part I – August 8, 2022. For Subscribers, this is Part 1 of the webinar on how to work with the Cycles Workbook

Read Articles

Here is a selection of the articles I have written. Some of them come from Effortless Reality, my other blog site.

The End Is Where It Begins

Mars in Our Lives, Mar. 2022

Retrograde Mercury and the Safety Energy Lock 24, Jan. 2022

Flowing with the Moon, Nov. 2021

Saturn in Our Lives, Oct. 2021

The Turning Points in Life, Feb. 2019

The 29-yr Cycle, Mar. 2018

I am slowly building the resources on this website. Here is what I have so far:

The Planets