Retrograde Mercury and SEL 24

Have you been feeling unusually confused and fogged up lately? Or noticed that the communication is somewhat impeded in your relationship with partners, friends, and colleagues. Do not despair – it could be due to the current retrograding of Mercury.

Three times a year, the apparent motion of Mercury in our sky is backward. Every day the planet appears farther back from
where it was the previous day. This time correlates with a psychological cycle in our mind as to how we collect, process, and communicate information.

When Mercury appears forward moving in the sky, our information focus is outward on the external world – we talk, write, and travel to gather or disseminate information. When the planet appears to be moving backward in the sky, we turn inwards for ideas, insights, and new awareness.

The current retrograding period started on Jan. 15 and ends on Feb. 3. Not much is left, but if you are like me and are tired of the brain fog and the apparent chaos in your communication with others on the external planes, I offer a way to mitigate the effects – open Safety Energy Lock 24.

SEL 24 deals with chaos – material, mental, and spiritual. When it is open, it helps us stay grounded and centered. It allows us to stay calm in the external swirls of confusion. It is located on the top of the foot, to the outside, midway at the base between the little and the fourth toe.

To open it and benefit form its gift, I sat cross-legged on my bed and held SEL 24 together with the opposite side underarm (SEL 26). If that is difficult, you can simply hold the same side of SELs 15 and 26 together.

Don’t forget to take some quiet time for yourself. Write down all the wonderful insight and ideas that come to mind. After Mercury turns direct, you will have plenty of time to put those ideas into form.

PS. I find it curious that it is during this time I decided to revise my video on SEL 24 in my online self-help class. If you have a Udemy account, you can preview it here.

*Here and throughout the article, I refer to the Tropical Zodiac of Western Astrology and not to the Sidereal Zodiac of the Vedic Tradition.

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