Holding the Index Finger For Longer Periods Can Be Addictive

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The quickie/self-help hold for opening Safety Energy Lock 13 is to hold first the index and the little finger of the left hand, and then repeating for the index and the little finger of the right hand. And as SEL 13 has been one of my favorites in recent years, naturally, I hold my index and little fingers a lot.

The thing is, holding the index finger for longer than 20 minutes feels so good that I rarely wish to move on to the pinky. Take, for example, this morning. After holding the right index finger for over 20 minutes, all of a sudden, I felt a sudden wave of lightness and warmth wash over the entire right side of my body – from the ankle, through the back, to the neck and right arm. It felt as if a heavy burden had been lifted off that side.

While happily enjoying the sensation of lightness and warmth, I began to wonder – which safety energy locks were opened, and which function energy just switched to a more harmonious circulation. Here is the tally:

I am sure there are more relationships, but three is usually my “magic” number at which I stop. If I find at least three separate and independent relationships to explain an experience, I am happy and content, that is, in a state of open SEL 22, which by the way is also opened through holding the index finger.

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