Large Intestine Function Energy


Large Intestine, Left Flow

At the medial (thumb side) of the Index Finger, the Lung Function Energy becomes Large Intestine Function Energy at 6 am. It flows down the back of the arm, through the front of the shoulder into the first thoracic vertebra (TV1) where it intermingles with the opposite side flow.

The Left Large Intestine Function Energy flows around the right side of the right chest area, rises up to the right breast and separates. One part circulates the right lung, flows down the diaphragm to about a finger width from the right side of the umbilicus. After a half a circle it scatters at the outer area of the large intestine.

The second part of the left flow rises from the right side of the breast through the right side of the throat into the right lower gums. It circulates the right side of the face and flows into the left cheekbone as it flows between the nose and the upper lip. At the left cheekbone, at 8 am, the Large Intestine Function Energy becomes the left Stomach Function energy.

How to Harmonize

  • Index Finger
  • Ring Finger
  • Place right hand on the right shoulder R11 while left thumb over the left index finger. Reverse for the right flow: Left hand on left shoulder L11 and right thumb over the right index finger (see note below)
  • SEL 6: Open SEL 6, the middle of the inner side of the foot.

Note. For self-help, one can use the entire sequence of 6 steps. If you are like me and find the first step awkward, just swap your hands. You can either hold the anchor step for 20 minutes or you can complete the entire sequence – whatever feels better.

Left Flow (touching left index finger)

  1. Right on R11; Left thumb over left index fingernail.

Right Flow (touching the right index finger)

  1. Left on L11; Right thumb over right index fingernail.

Further Commentary

Gum, Front Teeth

Any injuries to the front teeth can be helped by the Large Intestine Function Energy. See the Touch of Healing (p. 105) for a specific example. I also applied it to my daughter when she fell and hit her teeth on the hardwood floor. Initially, I underestimated the injury but when I saw discoloration of her front teeth, a one-time application of the Large Intestine Function Energy reversed the discoloration and her front teeth returned to white.

Large Intestine Disharmony: Right versus Left

The Left Flow is in the opposite direction to the large intestine organ of the body, hence it is efficient for diarrhea where the energy flow needs to be slowed down.

The Right Flow is along the direction of the large intestine organ of the body, hence it is efficient for constipation where the energy flow needs to be facilitated.

Upper arm aching, neck (T2, p. 12)

Large Intestine is very helpful for any arm and shoulder discomfort according to Wayne Hackett. It also helps acute neck pain, that is when you wake up in the morning with a stiff neck that was not there the night before. For long-standing neck conditions, harmonize the Liver Function Energy.