Main Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy

As the Main Central Vertical (MCV) manifests on the physical plane, it becomes the spinal cord. As such, it helps any spinal projects and can clear up stagnation along the vertebrae. 

Since the cause and effect are never in the same place, use the MCV oval pathway to trace the cause of a manifested effect.  If the effect shows up in the front – clear up the back for stagnating energy.  If it is in the back – clear up the flow in the front.

As always while applying the art, be mindful that it be done effortlessly. In other words, if you give MCV harmonizing sequence to a very heavy person, you don’t need to struggle to place your left hand along their back. Simply apply the MCV Self Help routine.  Alternatively, the person can be simply sitting instead of lying down on a table or the floor. Remember, it matters not what you do, but rather how you do it.

How to Harmonize MCV

The 10-step Harmonizing Sequence is given in Text 1, p. 37 (notice the page reduces to 3+7=10=1). If you could, and only if it doesn’t lead to strain, mind the directions of your hands as you apply them. Even people not very sensitive to subtle energetic currents have reported a drastic difference in the experience when you mind the direction of your hands. The direction of the hands is given in the 79 Text of Mary Burmeister.

The Self Help routine is given in both the Self Help books by Mary Burmeister and the Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister. It is a great sequence to be applied daily on oneself. It is also a useful alternative to apply on someone else when the 10-step routine is not practical (heavy people, immobile or people with injuries).

There are several variations of the Self Help routine. The basic one is a 6-step Self Help SequenceIn one variation, you can add a step where you place your left hand at your throat (between Safety Energy Locks 22). Another variation incorporates a step where your left hand is placed between the nose and the upper lip. That addition actually is part of the Self Help harmonizing sequence for the Anterior-Posterior Vertical Harmonizing Energy. And of course, if you are familiar with the Third Method Correction Self-Help sequence, its 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th steps are identical to the MCV 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th steps. The Third Method Correction adjusts the harmony between the Mediator and the Main Central Vertical and is an extremely powerful sequence.