The Emergency Room

Did you want to try something new for self-help? Check out the Third Method Self Help, also known as the “Emergency Room” flow:

Place Right Hand on top of head and keep it there.


  1. L.H.  on the coccyx
  2. L.H. Between the eyes (20)
  3. L.H on Top of nose
  4. L.H at Base of throat
  5. L.H on Middle of sternum (13)
  6. L.H. on Base of sternum (14)
  7. L.H. on Small of the back (23)
  8. L.H. on Neck from base of skull to shoulders
  9. L.H. on Pubic bone

Thank you to Marie-Reine Viollin for sharing that sequence with us!

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  1. M K

    On point 8, left hand from base of skull to shoulders, how to do it. Is it from JSJ center #4 to center #11, the hand covering the entire cervical spine or the left hand touches right & left shoulder 11 & 3 or both? Please clarify.

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