Holding the Index Finger For Longer Periods Can Be Addictive

The quickie/self-help hold for opening Safety Energy Lock 13 is to hold first the index and the little finger of the left hand, and then repeating for the index and the little finger of the right hand. And as SEL 13 has been one of my favorites in recent years, naturally, I hold my index Read More

Disharmony in the Body Function Energy Showing on the Face

Thursday night was our regular monthly local study group and an interesting topic came up. What can wrinkles on the face tell us about the underlying Body Function Energy? To that end, I thought I could share something I found in my notes from a 5-Day Seminar I took in 2011 with Carlos Gutterres. Don’t Read More

What Is the Second Step in the Bladder Self Help Harmonizing Sequence

Everyone, please meet my dog Brodie. He is lying on the outer side of my knee. Yes, that is right – exactly where Safety Energy Lock 8 is located. Here is the story behind that… Read More

How To Harmonize SEL 14

Safety Energy Lock 14 appears frequently in my self-help lately. About a year or so ago, I decided that I did not know much about it and began harmonizing it as a form of an experiment with myself. It quickly became one of my favorite flows at night before sleep. But how is SEL 14 Read More

22: Happy And Content?

In one of his classes, Wayne Hackett once told a story about Safety Energy Lock 22. Mary Burmeister was demonstrating how to hold and open SEL 22 while explaining its name, “Happy And Content Wherever You Are.” A student from the class raised his hand and asked, “Isn’t that how they buried the Egyptian mummies?” Read More

Safety Energy Lock 8 for Extreme Temperatures

I’ve already written about the function of 8 in a separate post but today I wanted to revisit Safety Energy Lock 8 and especially the Special Body Function 4. The climate in Bulgaria is dry, and even though it might get well into the high 30s C (high 90s F) during the day, it gets Read More

Birds of a Feather

In one of his classes, Wayne Hackett told us a story about how Mary Burmeister insisted on the importance of paying attention to the people who come to us. In the story, Mary apparently said, if one person comes and needs a Spleen flow, and then the next person comes and needs a Spleen flow, Read More