SEL 25, Be Still And Know

Heaven is reached through stillness, not busy-ness and goings-on or doings. It is a state reached by removing the accumulations and uncovering the light buried deep inside and forgotten.  We do not need to do anything but let go of all that is not true and authentic. In JSJ, opening SEL 25 is the closest we can get to a reminder of this state.

Hold SEL 25 alone to hear its unique and comforting message. Or, hold it together with another SEL for an extra point of view.

Hold SELs 25 and 11 to be still and quietly release everything old and burdensome and make room for the new, more exciting things to come.

Hold SELs 25 and 12 to be still and acknowledge the Higher Power that guides your life. In Sanskrit, this state is called Īśvara praṇidhāna, surrender to God. Surrender means relinquishing the responsibility for our decisions and actions. When we surrender, we become an instrument of the Higher Power. No longer do we need to worry about mistakes, consequences, or faults. The world is no longer a burden after burden but becomes a springboard for our return journey home.

Hold SELs 25 and 23 to be still and remember that you are in control of your destiny.

Nothing in this world is worth your loss of peace. Nothing! If God has given you peace, who can take that away from you? You are the only other agent with the power to remove it. And if God did not do it, who do you think did? You hold the power to your peace and happiness.

Twenty-five is also seven, a mystic number. Hidden among the six equal circles, there is a seventh one in the center. It stands for our power, ancient and awesome, our birthright that we never lost but only forgot.

What is your experience with SEL 25? Feel free to let me know HERE and I will share it in turn with our TGH readers.

We ask for rest today, and quietness unshaken by the world’s appearances. ²We ask for peace and stillness, in the midst of all the turmoil born of clashing dreams. ³We ask for safety and for happiness, although we seem to look on danger and on sorrow. ⁴And we have the thought that will answer our asking with what we request.
“I rest in God.”

ACIM, W-109.1:1–2:1

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