The First New Moon of the New Year

Where is your intent? New Moon occurs in two days and whatever preoccupies your mind at that time sets the tone for the entire month ahead.

On Saturday, the Moon and Sun will meet in Aquarius, the bringer of light and everything new. It likes to tinker and experiment, perennially dissatisfied with the status quo, working toward improvement. So, grab this opportunity and be open to new energies, ideas, and solutions. For me, Aquarius is in the fifth house of joy and creative expression, opposite the eleventh house of friends, groups, and plans for the future. I am setting my intentions for the month along those lines – to enjoy myself, to be open to life, and to invite a new state of being.

What about you? Where does the new moon fall in your chart this month? Where are your intentions most likely to lead to tangible development? We’ll look at individual charts in class this Saturday, and we’ll come up with plans for each one of us. Through wonderful synchronicity, our class ends twenty minutes before the Sun-Moon conjunction develops into exact. What better time to sort out our intentions and release them in space simultaneously as the new moon?

Astrology for Self-Awareness, Saturday, January 21, 2 pm US EST

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