SEL 5 – Digestive Discomforts and Waves

Did you know that Mary Burmeister gives as one of the functions of SEL 5 helping with digestive discomfort? (SH2, p. 20) Have you experienced its harmonizing effect?

Until two days ago, I never did. Whenever I talked about Safety Energy Lock 5 in the past, I always described it as the mind specialist, the agent that helps us navigate chaotic times and accept changes.

Two nights ago, my husband took me to a business-related event at a one-Michelin-star restaurant in downtown DC. The food presentation was exquisite. It was all candlelight and a cozy atmosphere, so I could not take proper pictures to show you the fanciness of all those meals! 🙂 The food was delicious, and the servings – tiny. So, I thought I was alright until I woke up at 3 am that night, nauseous, in pain, with sweat-inducing waves of heat washing through my body. Strangely, the direction of these waves was very consistent – starting from my feet and wooshing upwards toward the head. I felt as if I was drowning in discomfort.

None of my usual JSJ flows helped until I combined SELs 5 and 15. It took mild contortion until I could grab onto SEL 5, but after several minutes, I finally experienced relief. It was now wooshing waves in the other direction, from head to toe. And each one brought coolness and comfort. In the past, I had someone once describe experiencing waves while receiving Main Central, but that’s pretty much all my previous experience with waves. Any thoughts? Have you felt waves while applying or receiving JSJ flows?

PS. I blame it on all the rich sauces and the tasting style of the menu at the restaurant. Or, perhaps, I am getting too old for all the butter and foie gras which I don’t even like.

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