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Release of Limiting Beliefs

As Saturn prepares to change signs from Aquarius to Pisces on March 7, I am reminded that it stands not only for boundaries, structures, and rules but also for release. Release of what is outdated. Release of what we have outgrown. And what better way to facilitate this process than keeping Safety Energy Lock 21 open? Mary Burmeister calls it the Safety Energy Lock of “Release from Mental Bondage.”  I like to combine SEL 21 with SEL 4, the “Measuring Intelligence” of our body. The combination is particularly good for tired eyes after a day spent sitting in front of

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SEL 5 – Digestive Discomforts and Waves

Did you know that Mary Burmeister gives as one of the functions of SEL 5 helping with digestive discomfort? (SH2, p. 20) Have you experienced its harmonizing effect? Until two days ago, I never did. Whenever I talked about Safety Energy Lock 5 in the past, I always described it as the mind specialist, the agent that helps us navigate chaotic times and accept changes. Two nights ago, my husband took me to a business-related event at a one-Michelin-star restaurant in downtown DC. The food presentation was exquisite. It was all candlelight and a cozy atmosphere, so I could not

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Hello everyone! There is an elegant symmetry in placing our hands consequently on both SEL 15, then SEL 25, then SEL 21, and finally on SEL 4. Can you see it? I hit upon this pattern this morning and took 20 minutes to complete it. It felt wonderful. Laughter, then stillness. Let go of all the limiting beliefs that mar your window and keep the Light obscured. Enjoy!

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