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Astrology for Self-Awareness (Monthly on the Third Saturday)

June 2023, Venus and its placement in the natal chart.

Venus represents the values, attractions, and all things beautiful, pleasant, and attractive in our lives. Find Venus in your chart, and you will know where you are more likely to be the peacemaker and where things come your way by virtue of your being friendly and pleasant. Prepare for the upcoming Venus-retrograde period in July-August, when we all will be invited to reconsider our values. In this month’s class, we will look at the Venus placement in our chart and explore what that means.

You don’t know much about astrology and wish to dip your toes in the water? This is the class for you. It comes with a PDF workbook, does not require previous knowledge, and focuses on principles that help us grow in self-awareness. Click HERE for a detailed description.

TGH Cycles Lab (Offered Monthly on the First Saturday)

June 2023, The Ascendant in the natal chart

Do you know how people perceive you at first glance? The Ascendant holds the key to what people see when they first meet you. Before they have seen you, they know you only by reputation which is represented by the MC in your chart. This month, we continue with our methodical exploration of the big three: the Sun, the Moon, and the Ascendant.

Have you read an astrology book only to find out in the end that you have no idea what to make of it? How do you apply the principles to a chart? What does it all signify to you? How can you use astrology in daily life? Are you full of practical questions? Join us in this monthly lab class to find the answers to your astrological questions. Every class, I briefly review one topic, and then we pour over our charts. I use students’ charts as class examples, so make sure to register at least two days in advance to give me time to include your chart. Click HERE for more details.

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One Flow (JSJ Self-Help Class)

Topic: From a novice to self-authority!

In this 90-min webinar, I will share what practices helped me shift from an inexperienced novice asking for self-help advice to “I-am-my-own-authority.” And no, I did not hold my SEL 19 :-), though I do that daily. I’ll share three simple practices to deepen your understanding of the art of JSJ and boost your confidence in your ability to find your perfect self-help flows.

Additional Resources

Do you need a copy of your natal chart?

For a free copy of your astrological chart, go to the Astrodienst site. They have many charts available for free, but you have to do it yourself – natal, transits, secondary progressions, solar return, and more. Here is a video demonstration of how to get a natal (basic astrological) chart.

For those who prefer a professionally crafted chart without the DIY effort, I offer a Natal Chart Bundle. It includes a natal chart, a table of planetary positions, a pdf workbook, and a computer-generated report written by astrologer Stephanie Johnson. For a limited time, you can use the coupon code “January-2023” to purchase the bundle at a 30% discount.

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Self-paced Classes (pre-recorded)


Changes have descended upon the globe! Get a pdf workbook and access to seven video lectures on Uranus, the agent of change, and what it signifies for us.

Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help

Gain basic familiarity with the ancient art of Jin Shin Jyutsu.