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Know Yourself Series

The classes that I offer fall into three categories. One Flow is a general self-help class where we use astrological and spiritual principles to enhance our daily JSJ self-help practice. I help students create their own unique self-help practice tailored to their specific needs. In the Astrology series, we go a little more in depth with the Astrology and how it corresponds to the JSJ principles as set forth by Jiro Murai and Mary Burmeister. And finally, if wanted to learn the principles of JSJ but live in an area without access to in-person instruction, I have created two introductory JSJ classes. They are self-paced online offered on the Udemy learning platform, and are designed for people interested in self-help practice.

One Flow

Back by popular demand! After a three-year hiatus, I am reinstating this class with improvements. Come and join us for 90 minutes of exploration of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Astrology, and more. For topics and more details, follow the link below:

One Flow: Individualize Your Daily JSJ Self-Help Practice

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Astrology and JSJ work together splendidly. One reveals what is happening in your life, while the other provides the means to live through it. Do you want to learn more but are afraid that astrology is too complicated? Join us for a gentle introduction to the astrological principles and how they can be applied immediately to your daily JSJ self-help practice. Here are more details:

Cycles 101: The Plan of Your Life

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Jin Shin Jyutsu

My grandmother, who passed at the age of 95, practiced JSJ self help almost to the end. She did so because I showed her what to do, because it was easy and felt good, and also because she had no access to any other palliative care be it conventional or alternative. Inspired by this experience, and in memory of her, I have created a series of classes introducing the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu to everyone who wanted to learn it but did not have an access to in-person classes.

The classes aim at people who would like to learn more but have no access to a teacher or resources in their area. They can also benefit people who already receive JSJ sessions from a practitioner, but would like to practice self-help in between their sessions.

In Movement with Jin Shin Jyutsu

This is a self-paced class that introduces the principles of Jin Shin Jyutsu and its twenty-six Safety Energy Locks. I also include a bit of the modern history of JSJ, the eight original Mudras with which Jiro Murai started, and the finger facilitators.

The Interplay of Elements

This self-paced class introduces the twelve-fold Function Energy (12 Organ) and the interplay of the energy within the Five Elemental Energy Cycle (Lumbar Circle). You must be familiar with the basic principles of Jin Shin Jyutsu and its twenty-six Safety Energy Locks. If you are not, I recommend that you either learn them on your own by reading The Touch of Healing or take the introductory class In Movement with Jin Shin Jyutsu.