Initial Consultations

At any time, you hold the power of decision in your life!

I like to coach people toward growth and increased self-awareness. Everybody comes to this life with a function and purpose. The more closely you align with that original plan, the happier and more content you are. Astrology holds the blueprints to that plan and I can show you what it is. You will also receive specific recommendation for a Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help practice to help you along the way.

If you wish to see what I offer and how I can help, you can book a free 15-min Initial Consultation with me via Zoom or over the phone.

Regular Consultations

90-min or 60-min long. Each session includes a reading, a recommendation for JSJ self-help flows, and an audio recording of our session.

If you prefer to get more information in one sitting and then review the recording, book a 90-min consultation. If you wish to focus on specific concerns rather than on a comprehensive overview, then you are better off with a 60-min.

Know Yourself Series

You can also book a six-session package and save a little over 20% on fees. I always go with what the client’s concerns are at the time of the session. You can also choose that we explore one of the following topics.

  • Your Inner Critic and your Inner Nurturer.
  • Past, future, and the map of your current lifetime
  • Being the Star of your life
  • Opportunities meet hard work
  • Express your values with passion
  • Freedom, power, and inspiration

If you wish to learn how to read your natal chart and select Jin Shin Jyutsu flows for self-help, you can check out the classes I offer.



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