All consultations are via the Internet unless we have agreed upon an alternative method. The current fees are posted on the Booking Page, and you can see them before you complete your booking.

Free Preliminary Consultation (15 min)

If you are considering booking an appointment but are unsure whether and how I can help, I offer a quick consultation free of charge. 

Book a Free Preliminary Consultation

Do you prefer to get a recording of the reading of your chart so that you can study it at leisure? Go to the Products page and select Natal Chart Readin. 

Regular Consultation – Cycles (60 min)

Your astrological chart represents the map of your life. In it, you can find insights as to what you are good at, where you need to work on, in which direction to grow, what career changes to make, how to speak in public, what are you natural partners, what types of business are uniquely aligned to your skill, and much much more. Bring your concern and I will guide you through your chart to find your answers. And, how to tailor your Jin Shin Jyutsu practice to address your unique needs at the moment.

You get from each consultation session: (a) clarity on the issues that you brought up, (b) specific, clear and practical plan for action, (c) individualized recommendations for JSJ practice, and (d) access to the audio recording of the session. 

For established clients exclusively – you can add a Forecasting service to your regular consultation. Or become a subscriber to the monthly forecasting service I offer. Contact me for details. This service is not open to first-time clients

Quick Question (30 min)

This service is best for Jin Shin Jyutsu questions and concerns. Do you have specific questions about Jin Shin Jyutsu practice? Or, perhaps, a quick question regarding astrological timing? You can book a 30-min phone or Zoom consultation and get your answers quickly. 

This consultation is best for established clients who are already familiar with their natal chart and have prior knowledge of JSJ.

Book a Consultation – Regular or Quick

Six-Session Package

Book six sessions and save 30% off the consultation fees.

This is my favorite service that I offer my clients! We have time to explore leisurely your natal chart, address all the issues that concern you and come up with various plans for action steps. Because we meet multiple times over the course of several months, you have the opportunity to apply and test various action steps in between the sessions, and then make subsequent adjustments if necessary. You also have unlimited email access to me during the duration of the span of the six sessions. 

Each session follows format identical to that of the regular sessions. Early on, we focus mainly on your natal chart and what it says about your strengths and areas needing work. The later sessions shift towards timing and forecasting. All sessions are accompanied with individualized recommendations for JSJ practice. .

Book a 6-Session Package

Gift Sessions and Packages

Yes, you can purchase a session or a six-session Package for someone else. 

When you purchase the gift for someone else, you will receive an email with a code. Simply forward that code to the gift recipient, who can then book sessions at their convenience using the code. 

Make a Gift