Spleen Function Energy


At 10 am, Stomach becomes Spleen Function Energy at the big toe.

The Function energy ascends along the inner side of the foot, ankle and knee and thigh. At the coccyx, it crosses towards the abdomen and continues its ascent. In the area of the opposite side SEL 14, it splits into two branches.

One branch circulates the stomach and ascends to the heart. The other ascends to the 3rd rib, then descends back to the 7th rib, turns outwards towards the back, and ascends along the throat where it scatters at the base of the throat.

At 12 noon, Spleen becomes Heart Function Energy in the heart.

Harmonizing the Spleen Function Energy

Spleen Function Energy is one of only three Body Function Energy that is given in the Self Help books. In SH1, p. 43, it is given as the first in a 3-sequence daily routine. Its purpose is to revitalize the Anterior Ascending energy of the body.

  • Thumb
  • Place one hand on the coccyx and the other on the pubic bone
  • 5-Coccyx: Place the right hand on the right inner ankle (R5) and the left on the coccyx area
  • 4-step Sequence: The entire sequence is given in the Self-Help Books, (SH1, p.43)

Further Commentary

Run-down conditions

Spleen energizes and gives strength to run-down conditions. Use it anytime you need an energy boost or sunshine in life.

Spleen Function Energy and Acute stomach/abdominal discomforts.