Umbilicus Function Energy


At 10 pm, Diaphragm Function Energy becomes Umbilicus at the outer edge of the ring fingernail. It begins to descend superficially along the back of the wrist, elbow,  and the arm joint. At the shoulder it descends through the rib cage  to reach the third front rib. There, it separates into two flows, one that continues to descend down the body and another that ascends along the neck.

The descending part  [T2, p30, 2a] first scatters at the opposite third rib cartilage, then gathers at the fifth rib,  and eventually flows into the heart,  The Left Function Energy flows through the pancreas into stomach, while the right one  flows through the gall bladder into the stomach.

The ascending part [T2, p30, 2b] flows  through the neck muscles, crosses the body at TV1 (thoracic vertebrae 1) into the opposite side  and continues to ascend until it reaches about 2 inches from the  the  ear where it separates. One branch  flows diagonally through the head, emerges at the inner side of the eyebrow and then crosses to the outer edge of the eye. The other branch of the ascending part flows from the back of the ear into the ear. It reaches the lower eyelid at 12 midnight where it becomes the Gall Bladder Function Energy.


The Finger Flows (Earth Triplicity)

Together with the Small Intestine and the Large Intestine, Umbilicus Function Energy forms the finger flows. All finger flows begin at the fingers of the hand descend along the arm, cross over at TV1 and end at the face. The three of them correspond to the Earth triplicity of Western Astrology. As the 2nd, 6th, and 10th in the 12-fold sequence, the Large Intestine, Small Intestine, and Umbilicus Function Energy correspond to Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, respectively.

As a finger flow, the Umbilicus Function Energy is associated with generation and renewal. It is considered the Guardian of all organs in the body and governs they day-time of our 24-hr daily cycle. As a comparison, the Diaphragm Function Energy is the Governor of the night. 

How To Harmonize

  • Ring Finger
  • 11-15: For the right flow, place the left hand on the right shoulder (R11) and the right hand on the right groin area (R15). Reverse for the left flow
  • Build yourself a halo: For the right sequence, place the left hand on the right shoulder (R11) and the left hand on the following: right 12, right 20, left 12, one at a time. For the left sequence, right hand on the left shoulder (L11) and the right hand on the following: left 12, left 20, right 12.

Further Commentary

Did you know that there are only two self-help sequences given in Text 2 by Mary Burmeister? One of it is the Bladder self-help on page 24, and the Umbilicus self-help adjustment on page 31 just above the regular harmonizing sequence.

Umbilicus regulates body temperature

Guardian of the body

Umbilicus nourishes all 12-body Function Energy. Mentally, Umbilicus helps if you feel worn out, and embattled, and you are in a dire need for renewal, healing, and regeneration, Umbilicus Function Energy is your friend. Out of the 12-fold Body Function Energy harmonizing sequences that Mary Burmeister gave in her Text 2, only two have self-help sequences. One is the Bladder and the other is the Umbilicus Function Energy. 

Umbilicus and the ear

The final ascending part of Umbilicus goes directly through the ear before it becomes Gall Bladder.  Two other flows help the ear as well: Kidney and Small Intestine Function Energy.  While Kidney helps ear infection, and Small Intestine Function helps deep ear, disharmonized Umbilicus FE can lead to ear ringing [T2, p. 30]