Small Intestine Function Energy


At 2 p.m. Heart becomes Small Intestine Function Energy at the inner side of the little fingernail.  The left Small Intestine then begins to descend down the hand, wrist, and elbow until it reaches thoracic vertebrae No. 1 (TV1). There it intermingles with the right flow and crosses to the opposite side of the body. At the acromion, it divides into two parts.

The descending part flows into the right SEL 13. Then, it crosses back to the left side of the body through the middle of the sternum and flows into the heart and stomach. After that, it eventually scatters [T2, p20]

The ascending part descending part flows into the right cheekbone at the area of SEL 21. There, it divides again into two parts. One branch  (a) flows under the eye and deep into the right ear. Branch (b) ascends diagonally to the forehead. Above the eyebrow, it becomes Bladder Function Energy at 4 pm in the area of SEL 20.


The path of the right Small Intestine mirrors the left flow path.   

Due to its path, Small Intestine helps same side hand and arm projects but opposite side throat, eye, and deep ear.  At SEL 11 the left and right flows intermingle and cross over to the opposite side of the body. As a finger flow, Small Intestine helps with regeneration and its function is intrinsically linked to the transportation and absorption of body nutrients.

How to Harmonize

Little Finger

On the manifested level, Small Intestine becomes Heart at the inner side of the little finger. The little finger is also the 5th-depth finger and helps both the Small Intestine and Heart Function Energy.  At the SEL level,  holding little finger harmonizes SEL 20 [SHII, p. 54] which bestows Spiritual Vision. And as we saw previously in T1, p. 33, Spiritual Sight helps us get out of undiscriminating states of mind.

Further Commentary

SEL 20, Everlasting Eternity

SEL 20, “Everlasting Eternity”, is essential for the harmonious expression of the Small Intestine Function Energy. “The vehicle of illumination” [TH, p.126], Small Intestine becomes Bladder Function Energy in the area of SELs 20, our spiritual sight. In “All Combined Energy – Timing” [TII, p.43], the area between SELs 20 is assigned to the Small Intestine, and we are advised to clear any disharmonies or injuries in that area in the Small Intestine corresponding age of 33 – 40 years old.

Bust Line, SELs 10, 9, 13, and 4

SEL 10 opens the “Warehouse of Abundance” to assure us that we will always be provided for. Now we can let go of the old to make room for the new, SEL 9. On the manifested level, in the Relation of Toes-Fingers and Chest-Back [TI, p.41], the little finger energy flows under TV5, the area of SELs 10. Opposite the SELs 10, on the bust line, lie SELs 13 through which flows the descending branch of the Small Intestine Function Energy. SEL 13 helps in the case of the intermingling of the Finger Flows with Main Central Vertical Harmonizing Energy [TI, p.28].

Through its relationship with the Bust Line, Small Intestine is intrinsically linked to the Spirit in the Spirit-Mind-Body division. The harmonizing sequence for the Small Intestine [TII, p.21] has four steps, number four being related to the SEL 4, the Window that lets the Light in, and the overseer of the Bust line.

SEL 9, Letting Go of the Old, Letting In the New

Small Intestine Function Energy corresponds to the sixth part of the twelve-fold division, named Virgo in Western Astrology. Virgo is associated with labor and service, attention to detail, and fulfilling duties. In its harmonious expression, its gift is discrimination and discernment and relates to SEL 9. When we lack discrimination we get bogged down into too much detail and perfectionism.

We find an example of such overuse in Text 1, p. 33. There, an over-usage of our right (dominant) hand leads to locking of the opposite SEL 9. Interestingly,  we find the harmonizing sequence for such conditions given on the page dedicated to SEL 20, Vision. [T1, p.33]. SEL 20 helps us regain our spiritual sight which in its turn gives us perspective and helps us out of the bog.

SEL 11 with opposite SEL 13

Holding SEL 11 – SEL 13 is the first and anchor step of the Small Intestine Function Energy harmonizing sequence [TII, p.21]. SEL 11 is where the left and right Small Intestine Function Energy intermingle. It is also the common location for all finger flows, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, and Umbilicus. We hold left SEL 11 and right SEL 13 for symptoms along the left arm (wrist, elbow, shoulder) and right side of the face (throat, face, ear).

SEL 13

The three finger-flows, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, and Umbilicus meet with Main Central Vertical at SEL 13 [T1, p.28].  An open SEL 13 resolves any intermingling of those four.


  • Number 4, the number of earth: We keep our feet on solid ground.
  • SEL 4, The Window: We need the light to shine so that we do not get lost in the details.
  • LV 4: The lumbar vertebra associated with Small Intestine (and the Gall Bladder, Light).