Main Central Vertical Harmonizing Energy (MCV)

The Main Central Vertical Harmonizing EnergyMC Oval is our sixth-depth  Source of Life. It is the Source of all other flows. It nourishes and replenishes them. “We are as harmonious or out of rhythm as is the energy supply from this source” [SH1, p. 15]. It is the ONE flow that helps all.

The Main Central Vertical Harmonizing Energy is the Oval of Life. It flows down the front and up the back, connecting above with below and front with the back.  It is the rhythm of our breathing. Down the front – exhale and clear any stagnation above the waist. Up the back – inhale and clear up any stagnation below the waist… (more)

Major Left and Right Vertical Universal Harmonizing Energy (Supervisor)

The Major Left and Right Vertical Energy (Supervisor) oversees each side of the body. The Energy begins at the inner side of the corresponding knee, flows down the front of the leg, up along the leg and the back, over the head, and down the front again.  Somewhere at the groin area, the Supervisor flows deeper after each circulation, and so it creates five depths of manifested matter.

Within the Supervisor circulatory pattern reside 26 pairs of energetic beings. Called Safety Energy Locks (SEL), they are spherical and about the size of a human palm. The SELs serve as safety valves that prevent energetic disharmony from spreading throughout the body. When the energy flows harmoniously, all SELs are open. A closed SEL indicates disharmony somewhere along the energetic pathways.

A person may feel tension or discomfort in the area of a locked SEL. By placing hands lightly over its location, the SEL can be open again and the energy circulation restored. If the cause of the original disharmony, however, is still present, the SEL will lock again. To reach a permanent harmony, therefore, we need to remove the original cause rather than treat merely the symptoms….(more)

Left and Right Diagonal Harmonizing Energy (Mediator)

The Mediator keeps the left and right side in harmony with the Main Central Vertical Harmonizing Energy (MCV).  It is the principle of Moderation – not too far left and not too far right. It maintains the balance between too much and too little. It is about walking the middle path.

The Mediator begins at the shoulders (SEL 3),  crisscrosses the body twice at the middle of sternum (SEL 13) and circulates twice along both sides, legs, and arms.

Even though the 26 pairs of Safety Energy Locks are born out of the Supervisor circulatory pattern, only 23 actually “live” in the Supervisory pathway along the left and right side.  The Safety Energy Locks 17, 18, and 19 reside within the Mediator pathway on the outer wrist, near the thumb on the palm side, and at the elbow, respectively.

Disharmonies in the body are caused by dis-harmonized Mediator flow [T1, p.52],  and it is vitally important to keep it functioning properly [SH1, p. 18].  Harmonizing the Mediator is always appropriate, and it is helpful any time fatigue appears anywhere in the body.

(More on the Mediator and how to harmonize it…)