How I Started

I first met the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu through The Touch of Healing book. The first thing that I experienced was the combination of Safety Energy Locks 1 and 2, which helped me with acute digestive discomfort. Then, I learned the adjustment sequence for the Spleen Function Energy, the Anterior Ascending Energy. After that, I followed with the adjustment for the Bladder Function, the mudras, holding my fingers, the Third Method Correction self-help, and many many others. Very soon, I found myself scouring the Internet for more and more Jin Shin Jyutsu sequences that I could experience.

At the time, I was not in a position to travel, so I could not just fly to the next Jin Shin Jyutsu class and take it. I had to wait for a class to come near me. And indeed, it took a whole year and a half before I could take my first 5-Day Basic Jin Shin Jyutsu class. By then, I had read The Touch of Healing several times over. I had also memorized the location of all Safety Energy Locks and a few general daily sequences. And, while I occasionally applied Jin Shin Jyutsu sequences on friends and family, most of my practice was really on myself. I guess, nothing beats the first-hand experience – after all, that is how Jiro Murai started it in the first place.

Why a Website

My motivation for creating this site was twofold. Firstly, I wished to have my notes and accumulated information at one easily accessible place. And what better place than a website to contain all that! Secondly, I wanted to share the knowledge that I gained through my own experience, talking to my teachers, and attending various seminars. I have also included some insights, mostly about relationships I have discovered while poring over M. Burmeister’s books.

This site is intended for those who are already somewhat familiar with the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu. If you are brand new to it and wish to learn more, my recommendation is to read The Touch of Healing book. Alternatively, you could also book a JSJ session with a practitioner in your area, enroll in a 5-Day Basic Seminar, or take a Self Help class. If you wish to find out more about the Self Help classes I offer, you can do so at my business site, Lilies of the Field


I have been careful to present the information here honestly and responsibly. I have shared what I have learned from Jin Shin Jyutsu classes, from my personal experience, and that of fellow Jin Shin Jyutsu students. If you find any errors or omissions, feel free to point them out, and I will correct them.

Please keep in mind that Jin Shin Jyutsu itself is an ever-evolving art or, at least, my understanding of it. Apart from mistakes that I may have made, the content continually changes as my knowledge of the art grows.


First and foremost, my gratitude goes to the Source of this amazing healing art, Who ever gently reminds us that we are never lost or forsaken. I am also grateful to my teachers and the teachers of my teachers for bringing the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu to the world and for sharing it generously.

I am convinced that the future of Jin Shin Jyutsu lies in becoming a household name for self-help rather than an exotic healing art practiced by a select few. For, after all, everyone is entitled to happiness and well-being.