To Unlock Safety Energy Lock 15 And Find Laughter

The flows below follow a previously published post on Safety Energy Lock 15.

Left Flow

StepLeft HandRight Hand
1Left 15Left 6
2Left 15Left 8
3Left 2Left 8
4wrap finger around thumbLeft 8
5thumb over index fingernail*Left 8
6thumb over index fingernail*Left 19
7Left 15make a fist **

Right Flow

StepLeft HandRight Hand
1Right 6Right 15
2Right 8Right 15
3Right 8Right 2
4Right 8wrap finger around thumb
5Right 8thumb over index fingernail*
6Right 19thumb over index fingernail*
7make a fist **Right 15

Note. (*) make a ring with the thumb and index finger (**) Form fist by placing tips of your fingers at the base of the thumb. This is to open SEL 18.


This flow sequence is based on that given in M. Burmeister’s Textbook 1, page 30. I have modified the original for self-help purposes.

The original sequence is given in M. Burmeister’s Text 1 on page 30. Below, I give a self-help variation that I originally posted here.