Yes, We Can Still Laugh!

Have you tired of politics yet? Of watching the news? Of the incessant rotation through anger, fear, and sadness? I know I am. Here is a harmonizing sequence that might help us all.

Wash our hearts with laughter. We breathe in peace and relief.

Step 1. Place the left hand on the left 15 and the right hand on the left 6.

Miracles unfold all around us for the eyes that are able to see.

Step 2. Place the right hand on the left 8.

Step 3. Remove the left hand from the left 15 and place it on the left 2.

When we retreat from the battles we can see the abundance and the power that is ours.

Step 4. Keeping the right hand on the left 8, wrap the fingers of the left hand around the left thumb to open SEL 9.

Step 5. With the left hand, form a circle with the thumb and the index finger. Keep the thumb over the index fingernail to open SEL 10.

Step 6. Keep the circle with the left hand. Remove the right hand from the left 8 to the left 19.

We find laughter in service to others.

Step 7. Make a fist with the right hand – fingertips touching the base of the thumb to open SEL 18. Place the left hand once again on the left 15

For a list of the steps of the left and right sequence, click here. I followed the steps of the sequence to open Safety Energy Lock 15 on page 30 of Mary Burmeister’s Textbook 1.

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