SEL 18 – Body Intelligence

Being at the base of the thumb, whenever I hold Safety Energy Lock 18, I invariably end up holding the entire thumb. I held it once for twenty minutes, and I felt a release of tension in the coccyx/hip area. I’ve also felt relief from aching hands due to their overuse.

As a mental specialist, SEL 18 appears to be helpful in the undertaking of new projects. It sets up boundaries, keeps us grounded, centered, and focused on the prize. But, SEL 18 helps us complete things, as well.

And so, it seems SEL 18 can help both endings and beginnings – just as its number implies. 18, after all, reduces to 9 (1+8=9), and 9 is all about the “Endings and Beginnings.”

What are your thoughts and experiences with SEL 18? Do you hold it by itself or in a sequence? To sleep better? Or to relieve the back of the head tension?

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