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The Mysterious SEL 18

I find Safety Energy Lock 18 mysterious. It is within the 3rd Depth, relates to Body Intelligence (whatever that might be), and helps with sleep projects. In her Self Help Book 2, Mary Burmeister tells us that SEL 18 also helps back of the neck/head congestion. And that is what it just did for me. I woke up yesterday with sore throat. After the initial panic that I’ve caught the cold, I realized that the soreness was much duller and shifted towards my jaw and ear. Ah, I knew that one. Only last year, I went to the local health

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Safety Energy Lock 18

Safety Energy Lock 18 is located at the base of the thumb. When I hold only one side, I frequently end up holding my entire thumb. And while it feels great, I am never certain whether what I experience is due to the thumb opening 1st depth and a bunch of Safety Energy Locks or SEL 18 itself. Today, I was sitting still while I was trying to quiet my mind and get insights on how to go about a new project when I decided to hold SEL 18. In the past, I have placed my hands on the 15s

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SEL 18 – Body Intelligence

Being at the base of the thumb, whenever I hold Safety Energy Lock 18, I invariably end up holding the entire thumb. I held it once for twenty minutes, and I felt a release of tension in the coccyx/hip area. I’ve also felt relief from aching hands due to their overuse. As a mental specialist, SEL 18 appears to be helpful in the undertaking of new projects. It sets up boundaries, keeps us grounded, centered, and focused on the prize. But, SEL 18 helps us complete things, as well. And so, it seems SEL 18 can help both endings and

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