The Mysterious SEL 18

I find Safety Energy Lock 18 mysterious. It is within the 3rd Depth, relates to Body Intelligence (whatever that might be), and helps with sleep projects.

In her Self Help Book 2, Mary Burmeister tells us that SEL 18 also helps back of the neck/head congestion. And that is what it just did for me.

I woke up yesterday with sore throat. After the initial panic that I’ve caught the cold, I realized that the soreness was much duller and shifted towards my jaw and ear. Ah, I knew that one. Only last year, I went to the local health clinic to get myself checked. After prodding and testing, the doctor declared that apart from tension in my neck, there was nothing the matter with me.

So, yesterday afternoon, I held SEL 18 for a good 30 minutes. I was sleepy and thought of how SEL 18 aids in sleeping projects. I didn’t remember its back-of-the-neck significance however.

On the following morning, I woke up without pain or stiffness on that side of my head. For reference – last time I had the same symptoms (and had gone to the doctor), the symptoms persisted for two to three days.

So here is what I have experienced directly by holding and opening SEL 18.

  • Holding SEL 18 opens up the chest. Specifically, I felt warmth in my chest area,
  • It is a step of the 16-17-18-19 sequence. Hold it for an overall mental transformation and shift in perception.
  • As an aid for sleep. I must admit, though, that I’ve had better and faster results by asking my husband to place his hand on my SEL 10 or by holding SEL 1.
  • Clearing of tension in the back of my neck and head that resulted in pervasive pain on that side of my throat/jaw/ear area.

I still don’t understand much SEL 18. Yes, it does reduce to 9 which presumably opens SEL 9 on the back, which in turn clears up tension in the back. Also, SEL 18 can help harmonize Lung and Large Intestine Function Energy and Large Intestine is known to help jaw and neck issues. What other relationships are there that I am missing?

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  1. Bharati

    I think body intelligence means body awareness that helps us align our physical/ emotional activities …when 18 are open we know naturally what is good for our body…which food, which exercise, walking, swimming, etc…or even which thoughts are causing stress on our body… I think this will particularly help in prevention of going to ‘chronic stage’ of any disharmony. Chronic disharmony doesn’t happen overnight. It builds slowly over years & body gives us enough signals. If 18s are blocked, we may fail to read these signals. If 18s are open, we can listen to what our body is trying to tell us.

    1. travelersguidetohealing

      Thank you, Bharati! Very interesting insight into the meaning and function of SEL 18. I will meditate further on that and will certainly experiment more with SEL 18.

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