The Governor of Respiration

Why is Safety Energy Lock 6 called The Governor of Respiration in Jin Shin Jyutsu?

I have used it to help harmonize Lung and Large Intestine Function Energy in the pulses. Notably, both Lung and Large Intestine harmonization sequences have six steps. (Text 2, pp. 11 and 13) So does the sequence to open SEL 3. (Text 1, p. 17)

SEL 6 appears in the anchor step for the sequences to open SEL 15 and SEL 2. It is in the first and only step of the Skin Surface Ascending and the Order of Disharmony flows. In combination with 3, 15, and 23, it presents a powerful way to keep our immunity strong.

Despite all my practical experience with SEL 6, however I didn’t quite understand its meaning. What about it and its location resonated with breathing?

I finally had an AH-HA moment when I came across a reflexology foot chart. On it, the foot location that corresponds to the diaphragm is exactly where our SEL 6 lies. And the diaphragm is essential for our breathing! Just look at all the Yoga pranayama exercises.

To open SEL 6, I usually combine it with SEL 15. If you don’t feel like reaching out to the foot, simply hold SELs 3 and 15.

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For a subtle yet profound experience, try this ten-step self-help harmonizing sequence that opens SEL 6 in addition to several others.

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