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2. Moon in Taurus – Large Intestine Function Energy

Values and Resources Yay! We made it through the circle. In another two days, the Moon will have completed one round in its path along the sky and will begin a new one. We end our month-long experiment with the Moon in the Taurus part of the sky. Taurus is about values and resources. Out of harmony Taurus – Large Intestine Function Energy results in stubborn, possessive, and highly materialistic attitudes.  In Taurus, the Moon will also encounter the perennial rebel – Uranus, who has been in that part of the sky for a couple of years already. Uranus is about changes,

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Disharmony in the Body Function Energy Showing on the Face

Thursday night was our regular monthly local study group and an interesting topic came up. What can wrinkles on the face tell us about the underlying Body Function Energy? To that end, I thought I could share something I found in my notes from a 5-Day Seminar I took in 2011 with Carlos Gutterres. Don’t forget – the picture above shows only the symptoms of possible underlying disharmonies and/or stress. Even the FE corresponding to any particular type is most likely also a symptom. While we are resolving the deeper causes which usually lie within our mental attitudes, however, we

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Safety Energy Lock 6 Harmonizes Lung and Large Intestine in the Pulses

What would you do if you feel indication in the left index finger on both superficial and deep level while listening to the pulses? The left index finger relates to the second depth with the superficial level corresponding to the exhaling aspect of it, Large Intestine, and the deep level – to the inhaling aspect of it, Lung. The pulses in all other fingers and levels felt even and not as loud as the left index finger. I might have done Reversing and Increasing of 2nd depth, or the First Method of Correction, or 13 flow, or a 10 flow.

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