Intermingling of Lung and Large Intestine Function Energy

Lung congestion, heart palpitations, rapid pulsation, coughing, phlegm, upper arm, breast discomfort, chest full, nose clogging, throat discomfort.

No, I am not talking about the covid symptoms. Nor about the side effects of the vaccines to prevent it. 😉 These are the symptoms that appear when Lung and Large Intestine Function Energy intermingles, according to Mary Burmeister given in her Textbook 2, page 56. Whatever the medical labels leading to such symptoms, you can alleviate them by applying the following one-step sequence.

Left Side

Place the right hand on the left shoulder in the area of SELs 3 and 11. With the left hand, make a fist so that the tips of your finger are at SEL 18.

Right Side

Place the left hand on the right shoulder in the area of SELs 3 and 11. With the right hand, make a fist so that the tips of your fingers are at SEL 18.

This sequence is known as the Thumb Function Energy and is in a collection of several others given at the end of Text 2 from the 5-Day Basic Seminars. It pairs nicely with the next – Little Finger Function Energy. The former relates to the exhaling and descending aspects of the Individualized Body Function Energy, while the latter corresponds to the inhaling and ascending aspects.

Left Side of Lung Function Energy. Large Intestine flows from the index finger down the arm, across the back (TV 1) into the opposite side of the face, across the gums back into the left side of the face. See its full pathway here.

Note: As with all Special Body Function flows – they seem to be too close to the manifested body levels and thus are more involved with alleviating symptoms rather than removing causes. To reach deeper – don’t forget to harmonize the Mediator. It is where negative mental attitudes cross over into the manifestation of various physical labels.

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