Skin Surface Ascending Function Energy For Aching Feet

In terms of our energy circulation, things are straightforward, insists Wayne Hackett in his classes. If you feel numbness, not enough energy is flowing through that part of the body. If pain occurs, then, too much energy is circulating and frequently pooling into an area.

So, if you find your feet aching, I offer the following sequence for you. It harmonizes the Skin Surface Ascending Function Energy (T2, p.44), making five rounds up and down our body. It begins at the outside of our little toe, ascends the foot and leg to the underarms, then wraps around the arms and fingers and reaches the head. Then, it descends the back of the head, back, and legs to get the fourth toe.

Up the Front and Down the Back

From the fourth toe, the second round goes up the top of the foot. It then continues up the leg and front of the body to the underarm. It circulates again up and down the arm and around the fingertips on its way to the head. On its way down, it descends along the back of the head and body, arriving at the third (middle) toe. You can get the idea – it goes up the toes, foot, leg, and front of the body, then descends along the back for five complete rounds.

This circulation is called Skin Surface Ascending Function Energy in Mary Burmeister’s textbooks (T2, p. 44) and pulls up any stagnant energy from our feet up the body. Here is how to harmonize it:

Left Sequence

With your right hand, hold the left Safety Energy Lock 6 but shifted towards the center of the foot*. Hold your left little toe with your left hand.

Right Sequence

With your left hand, hold the right Safety Energy Lock 6 but shifted towards the center of the foot*. Hold your right little toe with your right hand.

*Note. The shifted SEL 6 is what Chi Gong and Tai Chi practitioners call the “bubbling well.” Think of it as a regular SEL 6 but shifted towards the middle of the ball of the foot.

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