The Interplay of Elements

The Interplay of Elements

I have just created and published a second JSJ class, The Interplay of Elements. In it, we go into the twelve-fold division of the daily FE: Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach, etc. or the Individualized 12-Organ Function Energy as it is known in the JSJ community.

I also included material on the 5-Element Theory and The Order of Creation — the theories that allow us to see how the different functions interplay and interfere with each other.

Here is the URL to the course on Udemy

The Interplay of Elements

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Please, keep in mind that this is a second course in a sequence and as such it builds upon its predecessor, In Movement with Jin Shin Jyutsu. In order to be able to follow the new material, you are expected to be familiar with the Depths and Safety Energy Locks of JSJ.

Feel free to share the information with anyone that you might think will be interested in learning more about JSJ.

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