Lung Function Energy


Liver Function Energy becomes Lung in the stomach at 4 am where it intermingles with digested food juices. A small part flows to the outer surface of the large intestine. The main part circulates the diaphragm and flows into the lung area. After a circulation throughout the lungs, it gathers in the trachea, then flows into the acromion at the front area where the arm joins the shoulder. It then flows to the underarm and up along the outer side of the arm. It continues to flow along the front and then to the outer side of the elbow. About 5 inches below the wrist, it separates into two parts. One small part flows to the inner side of the thumbnail, circulates the nail, and envelopes the thumb. The main part flows to the inner side of the index fingernail and becomes Large Intestine Function Energy at 6 am.

How to Harmonize

  • Ring Finger
  • SELs 14-22: Place your left hand on the left 14 and the right hand on the left 22. Reverse for the right side: right hand on right 14 and left hand on right 22
  • 6-step Harmonizing Sequence
  • SEL 6: Hold the middle of the inner side of the foot.

Further Commentary

SEL 6 Governor of Respiration

There is a very deep connection between 2nd depth, the Lung and Large Intestine Function energy, and breathing. Both Lung and Large Intestine Harmonizing sequences have 6 steps. Opening SEL 6 can help harmonize both Lung and Large Intestine indications in the pulses.

Zodiacal energy of Aries

The Lung Function Energy is the first in the 12-fold Body Function Energy and resonates with the first part of the 12-fold Zodiacal Division, Aries. Being first in that sequence, harmonized Lung Function energy can give one the strength and drive to go about their day.

Coughing and chest congestion (T2, p.10)

When coughing appears, Lung Function Energy probably dis-harmonized. Using the 6-step adjustment sequence for Lung (T2, p.11), it will certainly help. If the disharmony remains or re-occurs, it is probably affected by another Function Energy. In the context of the 5-element theory, that will be the Kidney Function Energy – you can think of it as water (mucous) invading air (lungs). In Mary Burmeister’s words, Lung Function energy will be overloaded. Indeed, if you look at page 11, Text2, you can see coughing listed as one of the disharmonies of Lung Function Energy due to overload. In short, when the coughing has already been going on for a while, it is essential that Kidney Function Energy is harmonized, as well.