Kidney Flow For Coughing


The first time I came across the idea of harmonizing Kidney Function Energy to help with my cough, I was shocked. I would have never thought about it.  But since at the time, I was coughing pretty badly and had gone through various conventional and alternative options, including all my JSJ flows from my notebooks, I was desperate to try it.

So, why is it that Kidney Function Energy can help coughing, which is usually a symptom of distressed Lung Function? Here are the various explanations that I came to for myself.

Kidney Energetic Pathway

According to Mary Burmeister’s Text 2, the Kidney energetic pathway ascends along the rib cage, lungs, and the throat.  That certainly explains how it can help any upper respiratory issues, but does not explain the full picture. After all, there are other energetic pathways that flow through that area, as well.

The Five-Element Energy Cycle

The Five Element Transformation

In Jin Shin Jyutsu, it is called the Lumbar circle and relates to the inter-relationship of the five Depths and their element. According to that cycle, the Air Element to which Lung is the inhaling aspect transforms into the Water Element to which Kidney is the inhaling aspect. Naturally, if Kidney Function energy is disharmonized it will prevent the proper transformation of the Lung Function Energy.  Mary Burmeister calls that situation Lung overload, in other words, Kidney is backing up into Lung as it prevents it from its proper transformation along the cycle.

And indeed. in the list of disharmonies for Lung Function Energy (T2, p. 10) the symptoms of coughing and chest congestion are mentioned under “overload” of Lung. So. even though it’s the disharmony of Lung that manifests in those symptoms, Mary Burmeister is clearly pointing us in the direction of Kidney as a probable factor in the condition. Especially. if we have already tried to harmonize the Lung Function energy without seeing lasting results.

In Plain Words

On the very direct level of language, coughing can be viewed as phlegm (watery element) invading our lungs (air). Such a view certainly supports the Five-Element view that Kidney (the water) needs to be harmonized so that it ceases to overload the Lungs (the air).


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    Great post. Boy I could have used this revelation last winter. Thank you so much for your insights in JSJ and self help tips!

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