How to Stay Alert After Lunch

I tend to get drowsy after lunch if I have to sit in a room listening to other people talking. The hardest time of the day seems to be somewhere between 1 and 3 o’clock in the afternoon. In the past, I’ve usually done the mudras from the perspective that they help with fatigue.

Yesterday, I had the thought that I needed to harmonize my entire 1st Depth. And since it was difficult to reach for the SELs 9/26 and 2 combination (Reversing and Increasing of First Depth in T1, p. 62) I did its self-help alternative. In my first 5-Day JSJ seminar, my teacher Carlos Gutteres suggested the adjustment for the Movement Order of Disharmony (T2, p.49) as a self-help for the Reversing and Increasing of 1st Depth (T1, p. 62).

So, I bent my right leg over my left knee and grabbed my right little toe with my left hand. I placed my right hand on the right SEL 6. Within minutes I had regained my alertness even though it was the middle of the afternoon and I was sitting in a class. Being scientifically trained as I am, I also noticed that if I stopped, the drowsiness returned, but as soon as I repositioned my hands on the little toe and SEL 6, I was alert again.

So, here are some questions for those JSJ enthusiasts who would like to explore more along this line. Did the flow from T2, p. 49 relate only to me, or does it apply in a similar fashion to everyone? Is holding the thumb just as effective as that flow? After all, holding a thumb is much less conspicuous than holding toes and feet during business meetings…


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