Kidney Function Energy and Sneezing

So, I frequently suffer from sneezing fits. I guess, it runs in the family somewhat. I remember my late grandma suffering those fits while we, the kids, merrily counted the number of times she would sneeze. Little did I know that I would take after her…

I first heard about the connection between sneezing and the Kidney Function Energy in one of Wayne Hackett’s 5-Day Jin Shin Jyutsu classes. And of course, I tried it out right away during the next sneezing fit. Instead of the anchor step of “little toe and pubic bone”, however, I held the little toe with the Safety Energy Lock 6 shifted towards the center of the sole. This shifted SEL 6, by the way, is called “The Bubbling Well” in Tai Chi and other Chinese traditions. I marked it with a star on the picture here.  

So, here is how to hold it.

For the Right flow, place your right hand at the right SEL 6 (see the picture on the right) and hold the right little toe with the left hand. Reverse for the Left flow/foot. Not that it matters much which side you do…

I think this hold is the same as the adjustment flow for Skin Surface Ascending Function Energy given in Mary Burmeister’s Textbook 2. 

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