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Kidney Function Energy and Sneezing

So, I frequently suffer from sneezing fits. I guess, it runs in the family somewhat. I remember my late grandma suffering those fits while we, the kids, merrily counted the number of times she would sneeze. Little did I know that I would take after her… I first heard about the connection between sneezing and the Kidney Function Energy in one of Wayne Hackett’s 5-Day Jin Shin Jyutsu classes. And of course, I tried it out right away during the next sneezing fit. Instead of the anchor step of “little toe and pubic bone”, however, I held the little toe

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Jet Lag

Have you traveled by plane over a long distance? Then, you certainly have experienced jet lag after arriving at your destination. What do you usually do? Drink more fluids? Try to stay awake with the locals so that you are exhausted by the time night falls and sleep? How well has it worked? So, here is an idea on how to apply Jin Shin Jyutsu to help cope with jet lag. 12-Body Function Energy: Origin vs. Destination The energetic pattern of the 12-Body Function Energy is aligned perfectly with the rhythm of our days where we live. When we travel

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The Emergency Room

Did you want to try something new for self-help? Check out the Third Method Self Help, also known as the “Emergency Room” flow: Place Right Hand on top of head and keep it there. Place L.H.  on the coccyx L.H. Between the eyes (20) L.H on Top of nose L.H at Base of throat L.H on Middle of sternum (13) L.H. on Base of sternum (14) L.H. on Small of the back (23) L.H. on Neck from base of skull to shoulders L.H. on Pubic bone Thank you to Marie-Reine Viollin for sharing that sequence with us!

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