Left and Right Diagonal Harmonizing Energy (Mediator)


The Mediator pathway is actually quite beautiful. If you stand up with legs apart and arms stretched, just as Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, it resembles an intricately tied ribbon.

The Left Mediator begins at the left shoulder in the area of Safety Energy Lock 3, climbs up along the outer side of the arm, flows around the left little finger and flows back down the arm through SEL 19. In the chest area, it crosses at the 3rd front rib between SEL 13, wraps around the body, to the coccyx. There, it flows down the outer side of the left leg through SEL 8, along the top of the foot, around the left 4th toe, and back up the inner side of the leg.

As the Mediator ascends along the leg, it flows through SEL 1 and the coccyx, where it crosses from front to back and begins to descend along the right side of the spine. When it reaches the right SEL 3, it ascends along the right arm, around the right thumb, and descends through the right SEL 19. Once again, at the 3rd front rib, it wraps around the body, reaches the coccyx, and descends this time down the right leg. It ends in the area of the right SEL 8.

Along its pathway, the Mediator crosses the body twice at the 3rd front rib (SEL 13) and twice at the coccyx.  It encircles completely two arms and one leg and flows through the same side little finger, opposite thumb, and same side 4th toe.

The path of the Right Mediator mirrors that of the Left.


The function of the Mediator can be glimpsed from the original Japanese name given by Jiro Murai. He named the Left and Right Diagonal Harmonizing Energy after the Japanese deities Izanagi and Izanami. Legend has it that the original gods called two divine beings, the male Izanagi (Left Mediator) and the female Izanami (the Right Mediator) and charged them with creating the first land (manifested body). The Mediator Energy is the activating principle out of which the manifested body begins to emerge.  It is the point where the energetic blueprints set up by the  Trinity and the Safety Energy Locks begin to manifest the individual energetic body of the 12-body Function Energy and the 144,000 Special Body Function Energy.

The Mediator is the one responsible for the harmonization of the five manifested depths and ensuring that they fulfill their corresponding functions.

“This being “mediator” flow, if it is not in harmony, it will be the main cause for malfunctions in body energy circulation patterns” [T1, p52]

A persistent negative emotion is called an attitude and each of the five manifested levels has an attitude associated with it.  The Mediator is responsible for the harmonization of each of the manifested depths, and it is the first energetic pathway to feel the effects of an attitude.  For example, the first-depth attitude of worry will prevent the Mediator from harmonizing the 1-st Depth. In such a case, the function of the 1st Depth, which is to create surface skin, will remain unfulfilled. Symptoms might appear on the surface of the skin. Similarly, the attitudes of sadness, anger, fear, and pretense will prevent the Mediator from harmonizing the corresponding 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th depths, and will interfere with their functions.


Bust Line

The Mediator crosses twice at the front 3rd rib (SEL 13 area) and is active at the Bust line. Flows that clear up the Bust line will inevitably harmonize the Mediator Energy, as well, and vice versa. For instance, the 10 flow can be used as an alternative to the Mediator flow. The First Method Correction, which restores the relationship of the Mediator with itself, clears up also the Bust Line.

SEL 10

Safety Energy Lock 10 is related to the inhaling aspect of the Bust line (being on the back) and also has a close relationship with the Mediator. When indicators point to the need for harmonizing of the Mediator Flow, the 10 Flow can be used to alternate between the Mediator Harmonizing sequence and that for the SEL 10.

SELs 17, 18, and 19

Safety Energy Locks 17, 18, and 19 reside along the Mediator energetic pathway, and so the 16-17-18-19 Flow can be applied as an alternative to the Mediator harmonizing sequence.

How To Harmonize the Mediator