Hi 19 with Hi 1

If you had to choose ONE flow…

Anyone who has taken a class with Wayne Hackett knows the joke. If you had to choose one flow…and then follow all the flows that there are.  🙂 

Joking aside, holding High 19 with High 1 is easily one of the top contenders for the ONE flow. 

First of all, it is short and easy. Place your left hand on the right High 19 while you place your right hand on the left High 1. Or, vice versa. It’s an awesome flow to hold while sitting in a chair: in a meeting, at the airport, on your couch in front of the TV, you name it.

Holding the High 19 and High 1 together helps to open the hard to reach Safety Energy Lock 10. And SEL 10 is all about unlocking the sense of Abundance in our lives. On the body level, it helps with discomforts in the heart area and the knees. 

By the way, if you need to open SEL 9, just hold the regular SEL 19.

The High 19 – High 1 flow is also an excellent alternative to the Mediator flow. And, it helps with any energy stagnation in the breasts/chest/underarm area (you can insert here all the scary labels you can think of). Some people even claim that holding it for 20 min a day can prevent those scary labels from manifesting!

What else have you used it for? 

Note. In case you wonder, the High 1 is about a hand’s breadth above the regular SEL 1. Similarly, the High 19 is about a hand’s breadth above the regular SEL 19

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