Eye Twitching And the Eye Toe

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Do you know that our second toe is called the “eye toe”? It is the last, 7th step of the SEL 10 Eye Adjustment Sequence (T1, p. 24).

I experimented a bit with the second toe a couple of weeks ago. I held my left toe for about 10-15 minutes at night before going to bed. In true scientific spirit, I held only the left second toe but not the right one. I wanted to have a “control” toe so that I can compare the next morning. And indeed, the next morning my left eye was much more rested and less tired than the right eye. And by the way, that is not very common since my left eye is my weaker eye and it usually is the more tired of the two especially after a day in front of the computer.

I was also able to stop my right eye from twitching by holding the right second toe for several seconds. I owe that insight to my friend Ryu who had shared his own experience with eye twitching and the “eye” toe the previous day. Thank you, Ryu!

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