“Bring About the Principle of Activity”

Mary Burmeister

The primary intention of Third Depth is to “bring about the principle of activity”. It is about doing – how to do things, when to do it by yourself, and when to delegate to others. The Body Function Energy corresponding to the Third Depth is Gall Bladder and Liver Function Energy. When things are not done or do not happen the way we want them, we experience anger. Anger includes emotional outbursts, frustration, and irritability, regardless of whether we express or suppress it. It is the attitude that prevents the Mediator from harmonizing the Third Depth. It leads to a disturbance of the Third Depth’s function: the building of blood. Imagine how we frequently refer to our blood boiling when we are angry.

Frequently, a new perception or the recognition that we are not really angry for the reason we think makes the anger dissipate. In such cases, we say we have a new vision of the situation; thus, the 3rd Depth is linked to the function of vision and the eyes specifically.

The gift of harmonized Third Depth is Vision. To harmonize it:

  • Hold the Middle Finger [SH1, p. 11]
  • Hold in sequence the Little Finger, Ring Finger, and Middle Finger [SH1, p. 30]
  • Reversing and Increasing Third Depth [T1, p. 64]
  • Third Method Correction 
  • Any  SELs in 3rd Depth: 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22
  • Quickie: Hold SEL 14

Safety Energy Locks within the 3rd Depth

Safety Energy Lock 16. Breaking down of existing forms for new ones; Transformation

Location: Safety Energy Lock 16 is located on the outside side of the ankles, just opposite to SEL 5 (the inner ankle).

Keywords: Transformation, “SEL 16 changes fears to fun and problems to projects.” M.B.

Meaning and Function: Safety Energy Lock 16 helps us “recharge our … energy battery, harmonize the generative functions, skeletal balance, [and] tonify muscles.” [SH2, p. 43].

Mary says: “[It] aids: head, back, and elimination/stress projects.” [SH2, p. 43]

To open

Further Commentary

Holding Safety Energy Lock 16  is used both in Special Body Function Energy 2 and 3. For SBFE(2), SEL 16 is held together with low SEL 8 as a quickie for 2nd Depth adjustments and a quickie for opening the hard-to-reach SEL 9. SEL 16 and, together with SEL 5, make up SBFE(3) [T2, p. 52] which is used as a quickie for 3rd Depth, flexibility, and pain projects.   Note here, page 52 again adds up to 7 just as the Safety Energy Lock 16 itself.

Safety Energy Lock 16 came into being meaning the basis of all human activity, says Mary Burmeister in her Self-help books [SH 2, p. 43]. She adds further that it breaks down existing forms for new ones. The 16th card in the Tarot series is the Tower which the symbol of breaking the old to make room for the new. 

It is interesting to note that numerically 16 reduces to 7 (1+6) and is presented on page 43 (4+3=7) in Self-Help books. Text 1, page 16 presents the Safety Energy Lock 2, which has seven steps. 

Safety Energy Lock 17. Intuition and Imagination

Location:  outside of the wrist, little finger side.

Keywords: Relaxation of Mind and Nerves; Reproductive Energy

Meaning and Function: Relaxation, alleviation of nervous tension, reproductive functions.

Mary says: “[It] aids: chest congestion, bloating, swelling, heart and breast conditions, back tension and stress [SH2, p. 45].  

To open

  • Right wrist with the left hand and vice versa  [SH2, p.45],
  • Ring finger [SH2, p.46], or
  • Little finger [SH2, p. 46]
  • 16-17-18-19 Sequence [T1, p. 31]

Further Commentary

Safety Energy Lock 17 brings wrist strength and helps with stress in the wrist. I held SEL 17 for about 15 minutes, alleviating a strong aching in my hand induced by too much typing and working on my computer.

It is related to the little finger and 5D by virtue of its location. The Heart Function Energy flows through SEL 17 on its way to become Small Intestine FE at the little finger. SEL 17 helps balance the nervous system and hence is very helpful in emergency “panicky” situations [TH, p.96]. It is like the “smelling salts” of the body and can help prevent losing consciousness. SEL 17 is great for the opposite ankle (similarly, SEL 16 can be used for wrist issues). It has a transforming power and can help us go through life changes.

Holding SEL 17 helped stop a sneezing spell when I was driving and could not reach for my pinky toe to harmonize the Kidney Function Energy.

SEL 18. Body Intelligence

Natural Physical Intelligence. Mind specialist. “Psychiatrist”


Safety Energy Lock is located in the palm of the hand at the base of the thumb.

Meaning and function

Safety Energy Lock 18 relates to body consciousness and any functions that affect human personality. [SH2, p. 47] It helps with good sleep and can clear the abdominal area. According to M. Burmeister, it aids chest and back tension and back of the head congestion. [SH2, p. 47]

To open

  • Hold the base of the left or right thumb
  • Hold left or right little finger per the Hand Map.
  • Hold SEL 25 with SEL 3 on the same side.
  • 16-17-18-19 Sequence

Further Commentary

So many times when I hold SEL 18, I end up holding my thumb that the two seem inseparable in my mind.

Don’t forget that the safety energy locks are spherical energetic balls the size of your palm. In that context, SEL 18 spans the entire area around the base of the thumb so that you can reach it from the back of the hand as well. I once met a mother of a young boy who helped her son through a scary incident of high fever by lightly massaging the back of his hand opposite to SEL 18 location.

SEL 19. Authority and Leadership, Perfect Balance

Location: on the elbow, along the thumb line.

Hi 19 refers to a location about a handbreadth above the regular SEL 19. There is also yet a higher Hi 19 – a handbreadth above the Hi 19. Some flows use SEL 19, others Hi 19. I have seen only one flow calling for the super Hi 19.

Meaning and function

Safety Energy Lock 19 relates to authority and leadership on the mental level. On the bodily level, its location aligns with the Safety Energy Lock 9 in the back, so it can be used to harmonize the hard-to-reach 9s there. It helps backaches and chest congestion (including breast and lung), as well as arm and head congestion.

To open

  • Fold your arms and hold your elbows
  • Hold the Thumb [SH2, p. 50]
  • Apply the 16-17-18-19 Sequence [T1, p. 31]
  • High 1 with High 19: hold your upper arm with the opposite thigh

Further Commentary

If you need some strength to stand your ground in a difficult situation, consider holding SEL 19.

Safety Energy Lock 19 is versatile. Together with SEL 14, it helps harmonize the Diaphragm Function Energy. Due to its location, it is frequently used instead of SEL 9 if one cannot reach it. There is a High 19, about a breadth of the hand above SEL 19, which aligns with the location of SEL 10 and is used to help it. Holding Hi 19 and Hi 1 can clear up any congestion in the chest area. The latter flow also works as an alternative to the Mediator sequence or as a Self Help for the Mediator.

SEL 20. Spiritual Vision

Everlasting Eternity. [SH2, p. 51] Brain Specialist. The culmination of all mental activity.


Just above the eyebrow.

Meaning and Function

Harmonizing SEL 20 clears head, eyes, and ears congestions. It serves as a bridge between the personal and the universal consciousness.

To open

  • Hold left and/or right SEL 22. [SH2, p. 51]
  • Hold left and/or right little finger per the Hand Map.
  • Use 20-21-22 adjustment sequence. [T1, p. 32]
  • Self Help 20-21-22
  • Use SEL 20 adjustment sequence. [T1, p. 33]

SEL 21. Release From Mental Bondage

Location: on the cheekbone

Meaning and Function

According to M. Burmeister, SEL 21 relates to profound security and escape from mental bondage. [SH2, p. 53]. As it helps us break away from our mental bonds, it can help addictions of any kind due to their mental nature. On the bodily level, it is the anchor step for Stomach Function Energy, and it helps digestion, and weight projects.

It helps equilibrium and dizziness projects, mental tension, energy buildup, and weight balance. [SH2, p. 53]

To Open

  • Hold left/right Hi 1 with the opposite hand. Place right hand on the upper left thigh (L Hi1) and/or left hand on the upper right thigh (R Hi 1)
  • Hold left or right thumb per the Hand Map.
  • Hi 19 with Hi 1
  • Use the 20-21-22 adjustment sequence. [T1, p. 32]

Further Commentary

Most frequently, I hold SEL 21 together with the opposite SEL 4. This sequence helps the eye on the side of SEL 21. Try it for yourself after a long day in front of the computer.

SEL 22. Complete

“Happy and content wherever I am.” The Central Station. Completion of all functions.


At the collar bone.

Meaning and Function

All Function Energy that goes from and into the head flows through Safety Energy Lock 22. Due to its location then, SEL 22 can help release tension and energy stagnation in the head and prevent physical disharmonies to appear. Our thyroid is located between the left and right SEL 22, and hence SEL 22 can be helpful for thyroid projects.

To Open

  • Place your hands on the same side SEL 22 (both or one at a time).
  • Hold the left or right index finger per the Hand Map.
  • Use the 20-21-22 adjustment sequence. [T1, p. 32]
  • Hi 19 with Hi 1

Further Commentary

Let’s not forget that right in between the left and right SEL 22, within our energetic body, stands a major energetic center: The Throat Chakra. This center is related to our ability to express our thoughts verbally in a creative and healing manner.

Safety Energy Lock 22 is the master key to anything related to the ascending energy on the back and the inhaling processes, just as SEL 11 is considered the master key for all descending energy and the exhaling processes.

SEL 22 also resonates strongly with anything 2, being comprised of two 2’s.

I held SEL 22 once on an airplane ride, and that helped me feel much better. Read more about that here.